Taj Hotels

Brand story

As a leading luxury hotel in India, Taj owns 100 hotels in 62 locations across the country and offers guests the refined luxury of heritage. Globally renowned as an ambassador of Indian hospitality, the group has extended its international presence, offering travelers 15 hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, the UK, the US, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East.


Taj wanted to reach users across all screens to drive awareness of its loyalty privilege club, InnerCircle, and increase the number of registered members who are most likely to book rooms. In the meantime, it also wanted to keep the costs down by optimizing cost per click (CPC).


Appier targeted two groups of audience: A, including frequent travelers, affluent audience and CXO-level audience; and B, users who already visited Taj website.

To expand the reach of both groups, Taj used Appier’s CrossX Lookalike feature to increase the pool of potential customers by finding users resembling those who were likely to book Taj Hotels.

Meanwhile, Taj remarketed to users who visited Taj’s website with the help of CrossX Remarketing and CrossX Frequency Capping.


The cross-screen conversion was 10% higher than single-screen.

The number of membership registrations exceeded Taj’s expectations by 113%.

The number of clicks exceeded targets by 146%.

Taj also saw CPCs reduced by 6% compared to its target.

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