Connect your data & predict user actions

The customer data science platform that unifies and enriches your 1st party data, and helps you create AI models without writing a single line of code.


Connect the data from all your sources

Overcome the challenge of identifying users, and build a single profile of each customer by unifying online and offline data across channels. AIXON helps you convert anonymous visitors into identified and actionable user profiles.

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Enrich your data with AI-predicted user affinity

Extrapolate insights to the maximum extent from 1st party data to extend your understanding of customers with AI-predicted interests.

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Build AI models effortlessly with no code

Predict and segment users flexibly with a few clicks of the mouse, and get a better understanding of where each user is in the marketing funnel. Use AIXON's scenario-based AI models to better engage and target users to improve user acquisition, conversions, purchases and churn prediction.


Turn AI insights into immediate actions

Deploy actionable insights and predicted audience lists to amplify your CRM database, ads and marketing campaigns. Leverage AIXON's scenario-based AI model to achieve a variety of business goals, including new user acquisition by finding lookalike users.

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Data from anywhere to anywhere

Be connected throughout the whole online marketing ecosystem. Import your data from a variety of sources. Export your actionable insights to a range of destinations to optimize user experience.

Optimize User Experience & Personalization


How is AIXON technology superior?

  • Deep Learning For Data Unification
  • AI-Predicted Insights from Your Own Data
  • Optimal AI Models with AutoML

AIXON achieves real-time data unification with 95% accuracy, powered by deep learning models using both deterministic and probabilistic matching methods.


AIXON predicts and extrapolates user interests by analyzing millions of user profiles and behavior with sophisticated AI, despite limited 1st party data.


AIXON utilizes AutoML to search various models and parameters with a few clicks and combine these to produce the optimal machine learning model.


Highlighted Features

AX_Intelligent ID Graph-1

Intelligent User Profile

Unify data from users, known or anonymous, across different channels and convert them to identified and actionable profiles.

Customer 360-1

Customer 360

Create a single customer view to understand individual’s interests and online and offline activities to deliver relevant and consistent experiences.

AX_User Affinity-1

User Affinity

Enrich your customer data with keywords and interests powered by natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning models.

AX_AI Automation

AI Automation

Build machine learning models with a few clicks of the mouse to tag users with AI-predicted keywords based on user behavior.

AX_AI Prediction-1

AI Prediction

Mobilize various AI scenarios that can predict user profile and behavior, gauge propensity to purchase, find lookalike audiences to target, and proactively engage.



Comply with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, and other local data privacy regulations.

How your peers use AIXON


"We chose Appier to optimize member and user engagement by integrating online and offline data for us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences, and automate the optimization of a smooth customer journey."

Case study-KKC-1920x580 1

“Appier helps us demonstrate this consideration for our customers by helping us reach people at the best times and with the information they need the most, all powered by its outstanding AI technology.”

Why customers trust us

MSIG Mingtai Insurance

Longstanding Insurance Company in Taiwan

MSIG Insurance used AIXON to finetune its marketing to target high-value customers and differentiate communications for finely delineated customer segments.

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Top Taiwanese Coffee Chain

cama café leveraged AI's ability to integrate customer data and analyze for automated precision marketing. With AIXON, the coffee chain reached new customers and increased user engagement and loyalty.

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Leading Taiwanese media group

The CommonWealth Group improved traffic conversions and advertising effectiveness by adopting AIXON. The AI solution enriched its existing customer data and extrapolated more insights about readers.

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