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How AIQUA helped BRAND’S Suntory to drive conversion with personalized engagement

Appier provides a user-friendly platform for managing EDM campaigns. We have a good experience when using it. It is easy to use and doesn’t need technical knowledge of the campaign setup. What we like most about Appier is in-web campaigns. There is proof that this feature contributes revenue to our E-commerce website with some of the fancy creatives that we can select from the creative studio.

Head of Marketing, BRAND’s Thailand

Kazuya Udagawa

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Need for digital transformation

Spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic, BRAND’S needed to rapidly undergo a digital transformation to adapt to its consumers’ online browsing and shopping needs. 

Need for flexible management

Previously, BRAND’S did not have a comprehensive platform to manage its online channels holistically, which limited the overall flexibility and efficiency of its online marketing. 


AIQUA: A one-stop platform for personalized engagement

BRAND’S onboarded Appier’s AIQUA solution to address these challenges.

As an AI-powered personalization platform built for engagement, AIQUA integrated the company’s customer behavior and CRM data to better create target segments.

BRAND’S proceeded to leverage AIQUA to personalize messages and send them out on various online channels with corresponding content that would appeal to each of these segments. These messages took the form of web push notifications, in-web pop-ups, and EDMs.

As a one-stop platform, AIQUA enabled BRAND’S to create, execute, and keep track of these multichannel online engagements all in one place. Thus, it made the work of the company’s marketers easier.

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