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Success Story


Leveraged Appier’s CrossX and AiDeal solutions to successfully not only reduce the CPA but also improve the CVR

“In general, AI is useful, but sometimes it requires more practical and more scenario-based explanations and applications. To Clarins, AI initially seemed to be a topic that those who do not have a technical background would never understand. However, with Appier’s AI-powered solutions, Clarins was able to easily engage with the right target audiences at the right moment with the right promotional messages.”

Digital, E-Commerce & CRM Director, Clarins

Caroline Andreutti



Difficulties in acquiring new shoppers and pinpoint high-value shoppers

With an increasingly crowded online shopping market, Clarins faced the challenge of reaching more valuable online shoppers whose attention span has gotten shorter. Its lack of any marketing automation tool compounded this challenge because Clarins needed an efficient way to analyze millions of data signals, including user interests, behavior and frequency, to identify high-value shoppers and display captivating messages to them at the right time.

Maximizing revenue from existing campaigns while maintaining brand image and value

Clarins hoped to maximize revenue from existing campaigns, without offering sitewide discounts that could potentially hurt its brand image. Using a strategic approach to turn more online visitors into shoppers, Clarins hoped to reach the right shoppers with the right incentive at the right time for a better conversion rate.


CrossX’s AI technology for identifying high-value shoppers to target

Appier’s solution helped Clarins identify and target high value customers and convert hesitant shoppers into immediate buyers. With the analysis of existing customers’ interests and behaviors, Appier’s CrossX solution identified who the high-value shoppers were, allowing the company to scale up their campaigns accordingly. Once Clarins identified its valuable target segment, it was able to display campaign ads only to this customer segment who is likely to purchase and successfully reduce its CPA by 30%.

AiDeal’s precise targeting of hesitant buyers with special gift promotions

Clarins used Appier’s AiDeal solution to predict the purchase intent of shoppers by capturing users’ behavioral data and calculating each user’s hesitancy level. With Appier’s AI technology, Clarins could identify shoppers who were hesitating over deals. Once identified, AiDeal helped Clarins present a pop-up with a time-limited special gift promotion instead of a discount promotion to trigger hesitant buyers to purchase. The use of special gifts, instead of discounts, allowed Clarins to maintain its image as a luxury brand. Moreover, when offering brand-featured or top-rated products as incentives, Clarins could raise the cart value to drive additional sales and increase the CVR by 44%. Most importantly, Clarins was able to warm up purchase intentions before Double 11, boost CVR during two major holidays - Double 11 and Christmas, and continue momentum after the big sales seasons.

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