Brand story

Paktor is a location-based dating and networking mobile application that connects users with mutual interests. It allows them to chat individually, or as a group. As of 2017, Paktor had 4.8 million users. Seven out of 10 members were matched successfully.


According to the Taiwan Ministry of the Interior, nearly half of the population aged 20-65 have remained single (47%). In the most common age segment for marriage, 20-39, the single population consists of 67% of the total. More and more dating services have seen the business potential of this market, resulting in a fierce competition.

Paktor wanted to drive more in-app subscriptions while increasing the in-app tutorial completion rate, to create a better user experience and ensure high member quality.


Paktor leveraged Appier’s AI to identify users’ cross-screen behaviors and pinpoint their interests in “socializing and dating” from billions of data points.

Its targeted users were analyzed and categorized along multiple dimensions, such as the frequency of in-app purchases, purchase amounts and so on. For example, if it was their first time using the Paktor app, or if they were very likely to subscribe.

After the potential buyer downloaded the Paktor app, Appier re-marketed to every device owned by the same user with socializing- or dating-related information. This deepened the Paktor brand impression and helped trigger the intention to become a Paktor VIP member.


Paktor’s in-app subscriptions were boosted by 30%, and revenue increased by 26% week on week after the implementation of Appier AI technology.

App installs per day jumped by 13% and download conversions were boosted by 50% week on week, which expanded Paktor’s market share significantly.

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