HK Express

Brand story

HK Express, Hong Kong’s only low-cost carrier, offers air travel to 23 destinations in Asia. It was ranked one of the world’s best low-cost carriers by in 2016.


Budget airlines compete vigorously to win consumer loyalty in Asia by offering low prices, therefore it is important to keep costs down. HK Express wanted to drive awareness of its ongoing online promotions to boost online bookings across devices, while minimizing cost per acquisition (CPA).


Appier deployed CrossX AI to help HK Express identify all the devices owned by users who are interested in travel and planning to take trips in the near future.

The airline delivered flight-related ads to users’ smartphones and tablets after each first visit to its website using CrossX Remarketing.

It also expanded its reach with CrossX Lookalike to uncover more users who were likely to consider travel in the near future.


Appier discovered the cross-screen click-through rate was 44% higher than single-screen, and more flights booked on PC than phone and tablet.

HK Express successfully reached more target audiences and exceeded its booking target within the first three weeks of the campaign period. This was accomplished while spending only 50% of its planned budget, and beating CPA targets by 89%.

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