Brand story

Unilever’s AXE is a male grooming brand popular around the world.


AXE wanted to build and expand a predefined mobile audience by reaching them across all screens, while keeping costs down by optimizing both cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA).


AXE worked with Appier to apply CrossX AI to its predefined pool of mobile users across all screens. It leveraged the CrossX Programmatic Platform to buy this cross-screen audience.

It also applied CrossX Lookalike feature to identify new, high-value audiences by comparing their audience information with the profiles stored in Appier’s CrossX database to find those who looked and behaved similarly to AXE’s existing customers online.

Finally, to drive better responses and boost the conversion rate, AXE re-engaged these users using CrossX Remarketing. This allowed AXE to place its customers at the center of its campaign – tailoring and optimizing the ad creative to each user’s unique cross-screen browsing history and purchasing journey.


Reduced CPC by 46% compared to target.

Reduced CPA by 36% compared to industry benchmarks.

Increased the click-through rate by 110% compared to industry benchmarks.

Expanded AXE’s original target audience by 50%.

Grew the size of the lookalike audience to 150% of the original sample audience.

Identified and nurtured a cross-screen audience segment that could be used for future AXE campaigns.

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