From Download to Favorite: How to Engage Users Across the App Life Cycle

What's inside?

App user acquisition becomes increasingly expensive due to stiff competition in a growing mobile economy. Therefore, engagement has become a critical measure of app success, which is calculated based on the lifetime value of an app user.

However, many organizations haven’t quite figured out how to keep users sticking around. The app abandonment rate has risen from 21% in 2018 to 25% in 2019, but the app retention rate has dropped from 38% to 32% during the same period.

App engagement takes different forms throughout the life cycle and requires different tactics to retain users at each stage. For those who have done right, they would be sharing US$120 billion consumer spend in apps in 2019, a figure that is set to grow by 120% to reach US$156 billion worldwide by 2023.

So, how can marketers learn more about their app users, and build the connection between app and user throughout the life cycle to turn a download into a favorite? 

This white paper will share insights into:

  • The current state of app marketing
  • Why app engagement matters
  • Key challenges for marketers to tackle
  • Build engagement throughout the app life cycle using data and AI

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