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Success Story

Krungsri Credit Card

Increased CTR through AI digital marketing

“We know how personal people’s finances are to them, so it’s important to us that we are considerate of their individual needs and preferences from the outset. Appier helps us demonstrate this consideration for our customers by helping us reach people at the best times and with the information they need the most, all powered by its outstanding AI technology. We look forward to continuing to work with Appier to apply the most effective marketing technology to develop even stronger relationships with our customers.”

Managing Director, Krungsri Credit Card

Somwang Toraktrakul



Lack of capability to create effective segments

KCC was unable to uncover specific customer segments based on customer interests, keywords and overall personas. As a result, customers were receiving promotional content not targeted to their needs, reducing engagement.

Inability to identify optimal engagement times

Its marketing team was sending campaigns at relatively random times, with limited analysis about whether or not it was the best time for customers to be receiving them. This resulted in decreased campaign performance.


Deploying AI-enabled micro-segmentation for precise targeting

KCC successfully expanded its reach to prospects by using customer data science platform AIXON’s AI model to identify users searching for specific products such as ‘insurance’ and developed keyword personas to find users most similar to these people. When people fell into multiple segments, AIXON further segmented them to ensure they didn’t receive multiple campaigns, but rather only the content most related to their top interest.

Defining optimal campaign times for improved engagement

With a clear view of each segment’s preferences, KCC was able to send campaigns with different promotions to people based on their interests via customer engagement platform AIQUA. AIQUA helped KCC determine the best delivery time for each campaign predicted by 3 different machine learning algorithms. It turns out that between 4 pm and 5 pm is the best time to send shopping-related promotional content, and the effectiveness is 2.8% higher than manual selection by KCC’s marketing team and 12% higher than all time periods.

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