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Success Story


Boost Conversion rate by 25 times

“Appier’s AI technology improved the customer experience of our website and helped us build better relationships with users. We were happy that Appier’s recommendation feature was able to direct users to advertisers’ sites effectively. To respond timely to the recent rapidly changing consumer behavior during COVID-19, which we believe will be the future trend, and to discover more marketing opportunities, we will continue to actively adopt innovative technologies. ”

GMO Media Inc. Media Dept, Point Media Group

Yurie Nagata



High bounce rate

Many users registered for a Point Town membership but did not take actions to click on campaigns or to get points.

Long product discovery process

Hard for users to discover the right discounts with a large number of campaign options, resulting in a long product discovery process for users to take further actions.


Engage users at different stages with AIQUA Journey Map

Point Town used AIQUA Journey Map to automatically welcome and engage users along their journey on Point Site. Notify new app users of accessible content (games or surveys) to remind and incentivize them to get points and rewards based on different user stages.

Display personalized content with AI Recommendations

Point Town used AIQUA Recommendations to provide AI-generated personalized content based on users’ historical behavior. Recommendations significantly boosted conversions by helping each user find the most relevant and appealing discounts and campaigns, optimizing both the performance and user experience.

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