Think Smart with AI-driven Insights:
The 2017 Digital Consumer Journey in Asia Pacific
The customer journey of online consumers in APAC is complicated.
Appier uncovered interesting insights by using AI to study the patterns of online consumer behavior in its campaigns in APAC in 2017.
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Cross Screen Marketing with Appier
Appier CrossX AI Technology
Reach your customer effortlessly across all screens using Appier’s CrossX AI Technology. CrossX provides information on device ownership, usage, and demographics.
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Appier CrossX Programmatic Platform
Identify and buy the best audience for your campaign with Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform, which uses AI algorithms to predict cross screen behavior minute by minute.
Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform combines audience targeting, inventory, and bidding infrastructure to take the guesswork out of cross screen campaigns.
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Drive sales by reaching your customer
effortlessly across all screens.
Building your brand
Increase brand awareness and recall,
drive offline sales, or spur customers to
visit your page by using AI to deliver your
message across screens.
Use artificial intelligence to help identify
people who will engage with your app
beyond the initial download--at the right
volumes and the right price.
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