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Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TV: mobile is no longer enough, and cross screen is not an option

Using artificial intelligence to make cross screen easy

Consumers now own many screens, moving between smartphone, tablet, desktop PC, and even smart watches. Here in Asia, eight markets experienced growth in both two and three-device usage in the first half of 2015. In other words, cross screen is no longer an option: it’s a reality.

Appier Technology

Appier CrossX AI Technology

Appier’s CrossX technology enables you to reach your customer effortlessly across all screens. CrossX provides information on device ownership, usage, and demographics.

Appier CrossX Programmatic Platform

Appier CrossX Programmatic technology identifies and buys the best audience for your campaign, thanks to AI algorithms that predict cross screen behavior minute by minute

Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform combines audience targeting, inventory, and bidding infrastructure to take the guesswork out of cross screen campaigns.

Additionally, CrossX Programmatic’s AI algorithms evaluate performance of specific creatives, channels, times, and screens, and optimises accordingly.