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Success Story

Pizza Hut

Decreased transaction time and increased conversion rate

“Pizza Hut Taiwan is consistently looking for the most innovative technology and best partners to help us develop the most effective digital marketing strategies, optimize online user experience and manage our digital transformation overall. Appier is a leading artificial intelligence solution provider with abundant expertise and experience in helping enterprises tackle diverse business challenges. During our collaboration, AiDeal’s product features perfectly addressed Pizza Hut Taiwan’s challenges and pain points. The Appier team demonstrated strong performance from the initial stages of our work together, and helped us to continually refine and optimize solutions. I witnessed Appier’s strong technology capabilities and excellent teamwork. Thanks to Appier’s proficiency in digital marketing, I’m confident that Pizza Hut Taiwan will be able to uncover many more future opportunities.”

Digital Operations Director of Jardine Food Services (Taiwan)

Howard Li



Poor digital experience

Pizza Hut Taiwan wanted to create better digital experiences for customers to help increase the conversion rate of online orders.

Complex buying process

To make sure that customers could place an order online through no more than five steps.

Reduced profits

Sending coupons to undifferentiated customers led to reduced profits.


Identify hesitant customers

Pizza Hut Taiwan used AiDeal to target hesitant customers with the highest potential to buy and highest transaction per customer (between NTD500-999), using limited-time deals.

Determine the appropriate coupon content

Provided a discount of NTD50 if an order was completed within 30 minutes of receiving the coupon.

Use A/B testing for assessment

Pizza Hut Taiwan used A/B testing during the promotion period to review the volume of online transactions before and after implementing AiDeal.

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