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Be the go-to shopping destination with AI-powered hyper personalization

Build a personalized and engaging customer experience for each shopper with the help of AI. Get shoppers to browse, add items to cart, and check out.


Personalize every experience of the customer journey

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Maximize brand awareness with dynamic ads

Make the best first impression with your audience. Inspire your visitors with eye-catching and interactive ads to maximize brand awareness and boost traffic to your website.

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Recommend the right products for each shopper

Delight customers the moment they land on your site with the most personalized content. Leverage deep learning algorithms that consider multiple factors, such as text, image, user affinity, and behavior sequence, to power sophisticated recommendations that help users find the products they have in mind.

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Know your shoppers better than they know themselves

Create a holistic view of each shopper with AI-powered data unification. Utilize AI-enabled interest exploration to identify audience segments that are difficult for human marketers to define. Use AI predictions to know which products they may like before they even think about shopping for it.

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Get hesitant shoppers to check out immediately

Deliver incentives exactly when hesitant shoppers need an extra push to check out. Utilize on-site/in-app data to predict and quantify each customer's intent. Automatically segment customers accordingly and personalize pop-ups for promotions without wasting any coupons.

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Replicate the in-store customer experience online

Interact with shoppers at the right time via trigger campaigns for an AI-automated shopping journey. Deploy conversational marketing solutions to assist buyers as they browse online. The instant support rivals that of the in-store salesperson, and provides shoppers with the information they need to shop better.

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Keep shoppers coming back for more

Make your relationship with your customers a long-lasting one. Raise customer lifetime value with loyalty programs across different channels. Integrate with no code gamified marketing modules such as lucky draw, surveys and daily check-ins, and turn one-time customers into superfans and brand ambassadors who purchase repeatedly from you.

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How your peers work with us


Japanese Multinational Cosmetics Company

Shiseido Taiwan Group introduced timely and exclusive coupons to communicate with hesitant buyers individually, allowing watashi+ by Shiseido Taiwan to successfully increase conversion rates by 47%.

Estée Lauder

Multinational Skincare & Cosmetics Conglomerate

Estée Lauder worked with Appier to drive mailing list sign-ups across devices among beauty lovers in Taiwan, exceeding lead-gen targets by 167% and reducing the cost per lead by 63%.


Leading global beauty brand

Clarins leveraged Appier’s CrossX and AiDeal solutions to successfully reduce the CPA of its campaigns by 30% and improve the CVR by 44% during Q3 to Q4 2021 and boost sales season momentum.

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