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Carrefour, a French multinational retailer and one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world, operates 103 outlets in Taiwan alone. Carrefour launched its online store in Taiwan in December 2015 to address the boom in e-commerce. Over the years, the online market has become increasingly saturated, making it challenging even for big brands to stand out.


Carrefour offers a wide range of products through its brick-and-mortar outlets and e-commerce sites in a competitive, saturated industry. It wanted to drive more potential consumers to its online store, boost awareness and drive more online purchases, while optimizing the cost per action (CPA).


Carrefour leveraged Appier’s AI-driven Programmatic Platform with a cross-screen approach. Appier’s AI enabled Carrefour to identify all the devices owned by the same user from billions of data points. When a potential buyer visited the Carrefour online store on one device (e.g. PC), Appier’s AI analyzed his or her profile and delivered customized product recommendations on other devices (e.g. mobile phone or tablet) owned by the same person, enticing the person to buy from the Carrefour online store.

Appier’s AI analyzed user behaviors both within and outside of the Carrefour website to determine the activities of a single user as well as to segment different users. Cross-comparisons with Appier’s CrossX database along multiple dimensions allowed Appier to locate potential customers in similar segments to expand the original user base.


Carrefour successfully increased the awareness of its online store with 60% page-view growth month over month.

It boosted the online purchases and revenues by 25% month over month.

With Appier CrossX AI, the cross-screen click-through rate was 87% higher than single-screen, while the cross-screen conversion rate was 40% higher than for a single-screen campaign.

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