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Success Story


Revenue increased by 127% and ROAS by 30%

“We were consistently impressed by Appier’s technology expertise, as well as the team’s deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape. Thanks to this, they were able to help us implement the most effective solutions quickly and easily and guided us throughout the campaign to ensure overall success. They were extremely responsive to us and always available with a helping hand. We look forward to future engagement with Appier.”

Director, MyDress

Edmund Wong



Rising CACs

MyDress’s customer acquisition costs (CAC) were rising in the crowded marketplace.

Fragmented audiences

MyDress was facing both fierce competition and fragmented audiences.

Ineffective segmentation

Creating audience segments based on its past experience led to spending inefficiencies.


Create precise segments

MyDress used Appier’s AI to crunch the massive amount of user data, and identify more than one million customer segments based on user behavior and interests.

Predict the most valuable segments

It then leveraged Appier’s predictive machine learning model to predict the CVR of each segment in order to identify the most valuable segments – the ones most likely to convert.

Target with dynamic ads

MyDress employed Appier’s dynamic product recommendation tool to personalize product feeds and ad formats for its dynamic ads both as display ads and on Facebook.

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