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Success Story

Zephyr Mobile

Hyper Casual Gaming multi-stage marketing Campaign: A ROAS-Boosting Odyssey Across 5 Nations


Zephyr Mobile's journey with Appier in hyper-casual gaming, Get Color, was a masterclass in user acquisition. Its strategic venture aimed not only to boost ROAS but also to reduce and stabilize CPI across multiple critical stages. By leveraging Appier’s CrossX solution, it has delivered astounding results by understanding and engaging users on a deeper level. What set Get Color apart was its dedication to acquiring high-value users, achieved through meticulous persona identification of users in the US, DE, JP, KR, and the UK.

About Zephyr Mobile

Zephyr Mobile is a mobile app developer and game publisher specializing in crafting immersive and inspiring gaming experiences. Its expertise extends beyond game development, encompassing design, user acquisition, and monetization. From captivating visuals to engaging gameplay, Zephyr Mobile ensures players stay engaged for hours on end. With a global audience of over 100 million players enjoying their brain-training and relaxing games, Zephyr Mobile consistently brings users back for aesthetic pleasure, enriching their lives with vibrancy.

  • Industry: Mobile game
  • Company Size: 50 employees
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Goal: (1) Scaled on acquiring high-value gamers with specific interests by implementing innovative creative and inventory strategies (2) Reduced CPI over time and achieve around 40% of D7 ROAS by 4th week after the launch

Products Used:

  • CrossX | High LTV User Acquisition & Engagement Platform

Setting Sights on Success: Crafting Innovative Strategies for High-Value Gamers

From the outset, Get Color's mission was clear: to scale by acquiring high-value gamers with specific interests through innovative creative and inventory strategies. The campaign was a testament to the art of precision, with a primary goal of gradually reducing CPI and reaching an impressive 40% of D7 ROAS within the critical 4 weeks following the game's launch.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 6.21.15 PM

The Blueprint for Triumph: Creative Localization Strategies according Regional Nuances

The Get Color campaign unveiled a treasure trove of insights that reshaped the gaming landscape. It highlighted the harmonious preferences of gamers in the US & DE and JP & KR for creatives. In the US and DE, the 1280 X 720 video combined with a download button emerged as a superstar, generating the highest impressions. 

Meanwhile, ads with a "Play free" copy and a color-changing animation tab drove great app installations. For the users in KR and JP, the use of gradient color elements combined with a call-to-action tab proved most effective in driving CVR. Through those creative insights from each region, the Get Color kept iterating creative localization strategies to interact with international users. 

Insights That Powered Success: Inventory Strategies Tailoring to High-Value Users

User demographics played a pivotal role in identifying high-value users' persona, shaping the campaign's success. Based on inventory analysis, gamers with an affinity for reading news contributed significantly to overall traffic. Even more surprising was that gamers caring about pregnancy-related topics generated the highest in-app purchases per person, manifesting pregnant users' high needs for playing hyper casual games.

Unveiling Remarkable Results at Every Stage: The Road to ROAS and CPI Revolution

The Get Color success story is a testimony to the power of data-driven, innovative marketing strategies in the mobile gaming industry. The journey to reach Get Color’s goals unfolded in 3 stages: In the sampling stage, CrossX accumulated crucial data, identified high-performing sources and laid the foundation. The turning point for ROAS came after 4-5 weeks pre-launch for increasing D7 ROAS to over 40%. 

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 6.23.06 PM

During the optimization stage, the focus was on reducing CPI by 50% and fine-tuning sources to reach the desired ROAS goals. Moving on to the scaling stage, it stabilized CPI and continually scaled installations. The strategy included testing a new "also-like-purchase" list, trained with long-term data, and achieving significant control over CPI, ensuring it remained below $3. With Appier as the partner, Get Color has rewritten the rules, and the gaming world will never be the same.

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