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Success Story


Boosted ROAS by 38%

“We are very satisfied with the solution and results Appier brought to our retargeting and UA campaign. We suggested a very positive rating as the campaign has been a success and we are still working with Appier in an “always on” way. Their Artificial Intelligence CrossX Solution is very performance driven and this was one of the most important points for us, as Winelivery wanted a retargeting UA solution to increase sales and orders”

CEO & Co-founder of Winelivery



Need to expand customer engagement channels

Winelivery has seen excellent growth since its launch. To keep up with the pace of its growing popularity, the company wanted to expand its marketing activities beyond the web to cover apps as well.

Ineffective segmentation

Creating audience segments based on marketer’s past experience could lead to resource and budget inefficiencies and Winelivery wanted to leverage advanced technologies for effective segmentation.


AI-powered audience segmentation

Winelivery leveraged AI prediction to find valuable customers that are most likely to purchase among more than one million customer segments based on user behavior and interests, and bring them back to purchase.

Dynamic product recommendations

Winelivery leveraged Appier’s dynamic product recommendation tool to personalize display ads and product feeds which allowed them to potentially reach more customers and the flexibility to customize campaigns.

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