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Boost revenue by 100%

“The core purpose of operating Hahow’s social media is to build a diverse interactive communication channel with customers. The BotBonnie conversational marketing solution enables us to run one-stop management on our main social media channels, such as Facebook, LINE, and Instagram. The built-in marketing kits in BotBonnie and the straightforward guidance help our team to generate various creative marketing campaigns that enhance sales conversion! The BotBonnie team routinely checks in with users during the design and campaign period, and based on user feedback, will continue to update the technology for optimal performance. The efforts of the BotBonnie team are worthy of recognition, and we expect to keep working with them continuously, working hard together to operate the Hahow LINE official account and deliver even better user experiences!”

Growth Marketing Specialist , Hahow

Vivian Su



Hard to maintain a steady growth of the number of new friends on the LINE official account

As member communication was limited to the official LINE account, growing the number of new friends was a challenge, if not, impossible.

Low coupon redemption rate

Data revealed that members are not redeeming the coupons after receiving them, resulting in loss of conversion.


Gamified interactive experiences to build long-term user engagement

In order to build long term user engagement, Hahow gamified their communication strategies with the “Challenge your concentration” campaign, which gives members a chance at a lucky draw each time they win a game. They also introduced marketing kits like the “Member-Get-Member (MGM)” kit, members who invite their friends to join, gain additional lucky draw opportunities. This strategy successfully brought in more than 700 new friends in two weeks, accounting for 11% new friend increase for this campaign. At the same time, marketers were able to review the campaign performance, export various reports and easily track the performance of the respective campaigns. Thanks to BotBonnie, Hahow was able to exceed their goal of adding 5,000 new friends, and successfully added more than 6,000 new users to their LINE account, overachieving the goal by 120%.

Fan engagement from multiple channels enables re-marketing push notifications to accelerate the course redemption rate

Hahow was able to initiate chats and improve fan engagement through BotBonnie short URLs through various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, EDM, LINE Rich Menu, and the official website), which allow fans to join the campaign by simply clicking the link. The intuitive operational interface helps marketers edit campaign content effortlessly and design complex games efficiently. When users were able to complete the games and win the course coupons, Hahow will remind users about the expiring coupons through re-marketing push notifications. The campaign has since reached a 97.6% coupon redemption rate and boosted revenue growth by 100%.

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