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Success Story


Increased CTR by 4 to 6.8 times on the website & apps

“Choosing Appier as a data partner is like finding a martial arts master. It helps the team cope with massive and fragmentary data with ease. With the 360 travel assistant built by AIQUA, ezTravel can offer precise push notifications based on user behavior and improve overall personalized experience. We strive to provide a better personalized online travel service with technology. In addition to car rental and WIFI, customers will be able to purchase travel insurance on ezTravel and enjoy an easy and convenient one-stop service.”

Chief Marketing Officer, ezTravel

Chen Chi-Hao



Scattered digital footprints

Visitors’ digital footprints were spread across multiple devices, which made it difficult for ezTravel to integrate data from all the marketing channels and track quantitative performances.

Poor understanding of customers

Due to the poor understanding of user profiles, ezTravel could only send generic messages to all the customers instead of targeted communication with personalized content.

Inefficient channel management

ezTravel had several communication channels including website, app and LINE, and it took a lot of manpower, time and resources to manage separate channels and develop personalized content.


360-degree customer view

ezTravel leveraged AIQUA, Appier’s AI-driven customer engagement platform, to unify cross-screen data on user behavior, keywords and user devices, and gain a complete customer view.

Effective customer segmentation

It generated user profiles and compared their interests and behavior on both owned and external websites to create effective customer segments, and personalize content and recommendations for specific user segments.

Multichannel marketing in one place

It used AIQUA to manage multiple channels such as sending personalized content through app push notifications at different stages of the user journey.

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