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Success Story


The web checkout rate was increased by 22%

“Browser notifications work very well when the content in dynamically personalized. We like the way the entire system works by itself, fully optimized to meet our goals. Personalized cart drop-off campaigns have helped us scale conversions significantly.”

Head of Digital Marketing, Clovia

Rajeshwar Rao



High cart abandonment rate

Clovia, like many e-commerce companies, was struggling with cart abandonment.

Poor app notification engagement

Clovia tried to employ push notifications to engage cart abandoners, but was unsuccessful.

Inefficient manual process

Clovia wanted to minimize manual intervention and automate the entire web and app notifications process.


Set automated trigger notifications

Clovia used AIQUA to set an automated trigger for cart abandoners, who would receive a highly visual carousel notification about the abandoned products, the prices and features. Users could click the carousel link to visit the cart page inside the app.

Scale dynamic personalization

Not only was Clovia able to deliver dynamic personalization using different creative formats such as carousel, but it also could scale its personalized messages by just setting a few rules within AIQUA.

Reduce manual effort

Each time a user abandoned the cart, they would receive an interactive notification without any manual intervention from Clovia’s digital teams, who also used AIQUA to create daily engagement campaigns to reach out to existing users with product offers and promotions.

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