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Success Story

Chow Sang Sang

Appier’s CrossX and AiDeal solutions help decrease CPA by 52% and increase CVR by 49%

“Ecommerce is a self-help platform with no staff or human intelligence to observe customer’s emotions and interest. AI acts like a virtual salesperson to speed up the checkout process by identifying the right audience and engaging them at the right moment. AI is comprehensive enough to cover all our product categories (over 2,000+) while in-depth enough to study every user’s preferences to recommend products that truly cater to their potential needs.”

Associate Director, Chow Sang Sang

Fai Leung

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Difficulty in matching its large jewelry offerings with the right customers

With an ever-growing customer base and an even more impressive jewelry offering, the client faced the challenge of recommending the right product to each online shopper. Traditional rule-based conditional settings proved ineffective in pushing products, not only because it is limited in the number of scenarios it can create but also because it is more time-consuming and labor-intensive. This problem lets certain business opportunities fall through the cracks.

Lacking strategy to engage with and convert hesitant shoppers

The company’s ecommerce store did not have a mechanism in place to retain hesitant shoppers and nudge them to complete their purchase. This problem is particularly alarming for luxury goods because customers generally require more time to shop when looking at high-end products with an expensive price tag. Without anything to give them a final push, many hesitant shoppers end up abandoning their carts and do not return.


Precise customer targeting via keyword and interest analysis

The client leveraged Appier’s solutions to match visitors to its website to its existing customer segments. The matching process used AI to both predict and analyze each user’s relevant keywords and interests, all of which are derived from 1st party data with customers’ consents. Moreover, by matching users for 3 key product categories, including wedding, gifts and daily wear, Appier helped the brand discover that four user segments are most likely to react to the campaign ads. With these insights, the brand was able to display the most relevant creatives to the right user, thereby maximizing performance and profit while devoting less budget and human resources. By using Appier’s CrossX solutions, Chow Sang Sang reduced its CPA by 52%.

Identifying and converting hesitant buyers with the right incentives

Contrary to the in-store advantage, brands that maintain an online store lack a salesperson to help guide customers to the products they want and prompt them to purchase. Appier’s AiDeal served as the client’s super sales online, collecting 400+ types of on-site behavior data, including mouse movement and scroll distance, to identify hesitant customers. Additionally, with AiDeal’s AI solution, the brand was able to observe the patterns of the ever-changing hesitating behaviors.Once identified, AiDeal used Appier’s AI-generated scores about the individual to present them with a limited silk scarf as secret offer at the right moment they needed it to prompt them to check out. Also, the coupon code was shown only on the checkout page in order to make sure users have a shopping experience as great as it is in a physical store. As a result, Chow Sang Sang enjoyed a 49% increase in its on-site CVR.

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