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Success Story

Caring Pharmacy

How Appier helped Caring Pharmacy utilize data to deliver a multichannel personalized experience


Caring Pharmacy has adopted Appier's AIQUA and BotBonnie solutions to connect its extensive offline data and online user engagement data, creating a personalized multichannel experience. With Appier's solutions, Caring Pharmacy was able to deploy WebChat to optimize onsite customer journeys, create niche customer segments to enhance precision marketing, and utilize AI recommendation models and an A/B testing feature to deliver a personalized experience. As a result, precision marketing increased the click-through rate (CTR) on marketing communications by 215%, and the response rate by 66%. Furthermore, A/B testing enabled an incremental CTR uplift of more than 130%.

About Caring Pharmacy

Established in 1994, Caring Pharmacy has become a leading pharmacy chain with more than 180 outlets in West Malaysia and 1 outlet in East Malaysia.

The company’s mission is to provide the most professional and innovative pharmacy services and the highest quality products to customers. Caring Pharmacy aims to be the driver and promoter of healthy lifestyles in the Malaysian communities that it serves.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Company Size: More than 180 outlets
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Goal: (1) Leverage its rich offline data for personalized marketing on digital channels
    (2) Activate offline data in recommendation model, A/B test, and chatbot to empower users to effortlessly locate products

Products Used:

  • AIQUA | AI personalization cloud

    BotBonnie | Conversational marketing platform

The Story

As a predominantly brick-and-mortar business, Caring Pharmacy needed to bridge an increasingly pressing gap between its offline operations and online platforms. 

“When COVID-19 hit, we needed to evolve our digital strategy and that meant finding a way for us to integrate the rich data already available through our offline stores into our online platforms, such as our website,” said Loo Jooi Leng, Caring Pharmacy’s Marketing Director. 

This urgent need for digital transformation and integration was the start of Caring Pharmacy’s partnership with Appier. 

Discovering & leveraging the power of data 

Caring Pharmacy knew that there was value in the rich offline data that its physical stores were generating every day. The challenges were integrating this offline data with the online data its digital channels, and generating actionable insights. 

Appier’s team recommended our AI personalization cloud AIQUA to address this issue. As a solution, AIQUA not only collects online consumer data from all digital channels but it stores and integrates offline CRM data as well. Having all the information in place made it very easy to unlock the potential of data. 

Once the data was combined, Caring Pharmacy used AIQUA to create niche customer segments to improve its precision marketing and create a personalized experience for each customer.

“With AIQUA, we were able to seamlessly integrate both of our offline and online data to gain a comprehensive view of our customers and deliver rich, personalized experiences on our platform to enhance our overall brand loyalty,” Loo noted.

These personalized experiences based on the niche segments proved extremely effective, increasing the click-through rate (CTR) on marketing communications by 215% and the response rate by 66%.

Powering recommendations with AI

What made Caring Pharmacy’s new personalized experiences stand out was how relevant the product recommendations became for customers browsing online.

AIQUA comes with a suite of AI recommendation models and an A/B testing feature that Caring Pharmacy utilized to deliver the best end-to-end personalized experience for each customer. 

Speaking on the A/B testing feature, Caring Pharmacy’s Ecommerce Manager Zheng Yao Theng said, “With Appier’s AI-powered A/B testing, we were able to test out different content for our marketing campaigns to find out which resonated the most with our customers and this enabled us to gain an incremental CTR uplift of more than 130%.”

As more and more people shop online, the personalized experience will be what sets great brands apart from the rest of the market. With AIQUA, Caring Pharmacy has taken the steps to ensure that even the typically long and arduous process of buying medicine, supplements and other personal care products can be easy and intuitive. 

Creating the optimal customer experience with Appier

Aside from AIQUA, Caring Pharmacy has also implemented Appier’s conversional marketing platform BotBonnie. 

BotBonnie’s WebChat that businesses can tailor to their needs and deploy on their websites makes all customer service responses instantaneous. By using BotBonnie, Caring created the optimal customer experience for customers from the beginning of the customer journey to the end. 

Overall, the partnership between Caring Pharmacy and Appier was a success. As Zheng highlighted, “Appier has a strong set of features that prove their worth in each and every case, and we've seen steady growth in our marketing metrics since using them.” 

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