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Success Story

cama café

Leveraged Appier to discover potential business opportunities.

“Working with Appier allows cama café to communicate with users precisely. AIQUA’s customer engagement marketing platform can flexibly segment users and automate marketing campaigns, enhancing efficiency of the marketing team. “

Marketing team

cama café

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Difficulty in establishing a 360º user profile

Lacking sufficient IT and data science resources and talents to integrate and analyze big data, gain in-depth understanding of user interests, transactions, and online digital behaviors to establish a comprehensive user profile or to uncover more business.

Difficulty in building customer journey

Lacking holistic views of users and automated marketing tools to generate precise marketing content and engage with users at different customer touchpoints, to ultimately increase member subscriptions and conversion rates.


Integrate online and offline data and deploy AI models to analyze user interests

cama café leveraged Appier’s AI technology to integrate offline transactional data, online webpage and app behavioral data to enrich existing CRM data and create a 360º user profile. Meanwhile, marketers utilized AIXON’s “Analyze and Segment Users AI model” to flexibly customize keywords of competitors and cross-industry collaboration. Then cama café was able to analyze user interests and develop data-driven strategies for cross-industry and offline retailer collaborations. For example, after creating the keywords of cartoon characters and analyzing user interests, marketers selected a character that is most liked by users that also aligns with the brand image for cross-industry collaboration. On the other hand, they also created keywords of offline retailers and analyzed users’ channel preference. After, they found that the results matched their original proposal as verification to strengthen operational competitiveness.

One-stop platform for multi-channel management to easily achieve precision marketing

With triggered push notifications from AIQUA’s marketing automation, cama café was able to seamlessly carry out in-app and in-website push notifications and conducted more in-depth communications and interactions through precision marketing with users. Meanwhile, to strengthen conversion rate and subscriptions during Double 11, the biggest shopping season, cama café streamlined customer journeys across channels with different types of marketing campaigns and also customized a countdown clock on the website to facilitate customers’ shopping intent. In addition, cama café also sent “In-web weather push notifications” from the webpage, using AI to accurately predict user locations and customized recommendations for beverages suited to the weather of the day and the location. Linked to Google Maps, weather push notifications strengthened online and offline (OMO) connection, thus increasing user desire to purchase beverages at cama café’s physical stores.

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