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Success Story

BMW Taiwan

Ramped up social media engagement 4X through Recurring Notifications

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BMW Taiwan has been dedicated to engaging with not only potential buyers but also existing BMW car enthusiasts on social media channels. In 2022, together with Appier’s BotBonnie conversational marketing solution, BMW Taiwan leveraged Meta’s Recurring Notifications feature to successfully connect with its social media community on Facebook during a three-day campaign and achieved 4 times more engagements than it did in previous years with a 78% opt-in rate and 99% read rate.

About BMW Taiwan (Pan German Motors)

BMW is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium automobiles and motorcycles. As a classic automotive brand which provides sheer driving pleasure, BMW maintains a passion and commitment for creating vehicles that are innovative and environmentally-friendly, cementing its place as an industry leader. Pan German Motors, the importer of BMW and is regarded as BMW Taiwan branch, was established in 1972 and has since built a strong network of dealerships and community of loyal customers through its various marketing efforts.

  • Industry: Automobile
  • Company Size: Enterprise (500+ employees)
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Goal: Enhance brand awarenessIncrease social engagement

Products Used:

Building a Strong Brand Awareness on Social Media Channels

As a leader in the increasingly competitive automotive industry, one of BMW’s key marketing objectives is to gain exposure on social media and trend with today’s digital-first consumers. With this in mind, BMW Taiwan has dedicated itself to engaging with its audiences on social media. As the agency responsible for BMW Taiwan’s social media, Bremen Digital Creative has helped BMW Taiwan continuously grow its brand awareness among those channels.

“From the social marketing perspective, we position Instagram as a higher-level branding channel with on-brand images. However, with more than 600 thousand followers that we accumulated on Facebook over the years, we wanted to leverage this campaign to reach out to more potential BMW enthusiasts in this pool and further foster their loyalty, thus converting them into buyers,” said Li Chiang, Digital Marketing Specialist at BMW Taiwan.

During the 2022 Lunar New Year (CNY) holiday, with the joint work of the long-term social media agency Bremen Digital Creative, BMW Taiwan decided to leverage BotBonnie's expertise in conversational marketing and customer engagement to launch a series of marketing campaigns on Facebook with the objective of increasing engagement with fans.


Case Study_BMW Taiwan_Comprehensive_EN_wo titleImage1: BMW Taiwan's Recurring Notification campaign process


Breaking Communication Barriers with Meta’s Recurring Notifications and BotBonnie’s Marketing Solution

Per Facebook Messenger’s policy, fan pages are only allowed to send messages containing promotional content when responding to users who have messaged in the last 24 hours. With a new feature that Meta is testing out, the Recurring Notifications, businesses can send messages to users who agree to receive multiple promotional messages throughout the year. Appier’s BotBonnie was selected as one of the beta testers for this feature in Taiwan and was able to leverage this feature to help BMW Taiwan better engage with its users on Facebook and Messenger.

“With the directions pre-discussed with BMW Taiwan, we designed the social campaign for Lunar New Year holiday hoping to increase the number of engagements that BMW Taiwan could have for Facebook campaigns. With BotBonnie’s expertise in conversational marketing, we not only hit the target but also greatly exceeded expectations in several key results,” said Brian Chen, Account Manager at Bremen Digital Creative.

Bremen Digital Creative conceived the campaign around a cherished Lunar New Year tradition where the first person to burn incense in the temple after midnight is blessed with good luck. Moreover, by leveraging BotBonnie’s comment auto reply feature, BMW Taiwan was able to immediately respond to users and create longer duration and more engaging journeys with each of them. With BotBonnie’s exclusive access to the new Recurring Notifications feature as a beta tester, BMW Taiwan successfully led users to subscribe to the Recurring Notifications, solving the 24-hour window policy restriction and allowing the brand to reach more engagements with the end users. Successfully, BotBonnie helped BMW Taiwan not only achieve 4 times more engagements than during the same period (CNY holiday) in previous years but also optimize the message read rate to 99%, approximately 10% higher than any other previous marketing campaigns.

Looking to the Future

With this Lunar New Year marketing campaign, BotBonnie brought huge success to BMW Taiwan’s social media outreach. By leveraging the conversational marketing solution, BMW Taiwan was able to raise brand awareness and further foster customer loyalty to the BMW brand.

“During the whole campaign setup process, Appier’s BotBonnie solution provided our users with 24/7 support. With the conversational marketing solution, we could respond to users immediately and create longer engaging journeys. As for the next step, with the digitalization trend of marketing, we are looking forward to continue integrating BMW Taiwan’s data across different channels and moreover to accomplish multi marketing objectives.” said Li.

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