Connect to your users with 1:1 personalized chat via Kakao

Create personalized engagement and messages at scale. Improve the user experience by providing real-time customer support and broadcasting latest brand marketing messages.

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Turn Kakao friends into cutsomers via gamified marketing kits

Make marketing campaign and promotion fun with out-of-the-box interactive marketing kits including lucky draw, scratch-off card, daily check-in kits and so on.

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Deliver 24/7 automated customer support effortlessly

Transform Kakao into a one-stop customer support center by swiftly answering customers' questions using pre-built bot scripts. Human agent response is also available to assist users in real-time.

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Create user segmentation for remarketing

Collect user's preference and profile information via chats and re-use the information for segmentation. Re-engage with user with taliored message to increase conversion.

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Automate the user flow with ready-to-use elements

Drag and drop conversation elements and get full control over the building process. Use pre-built interative marketing kits and multiple message formats to enrich the marketing communication.

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Enhance performance via rich analytics reports

Leverage data collected via chats for better decision making. Easy-to-use analytics dashboard for marketers to gain insights and take actions to improve performance.

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Realize OMO to better engage with offline users

By scanning QR code at offline, users can be turned into online Kakao followers. Brands Interact with users at offline store and keep engaging them on online channel.

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