Bridge the gap between social engagements and conversions

The no-code instant messaging solution for brands to engage better and sell more.

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Multichannel social chat engagement without any coding

Drag and drop conversational features to create social interactions across multiple channels. Manage all social channels, including LINE, Facebook, Instagram, and web chats, with one single console. Rely on BotBonnie for the most efficient way to provide the best customer experiences.

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Convert more with delightful engagement

Create interactive campaigns in a few clicks. Turn website visitors into happy customers with pre-built gamified marketing scenarios such as lucky draw prize wheels, scratch-off tickets, and member-get-member (MGM) programs.

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Connect omnichannel data points to maximize marketing returns

Connect and unify user data across messaging chats, website, and apps. Leverage Appier’s AI prediction model to analyze data from all channels and provide personalized content for a seamless customer experience.

Be where the users are

Meet your audience on their favorite platforms and win them over with engaging content.

  • LINE
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WebChat
  • WhatsApp
  • KakaoTalk

Better communicate with your LINE official account friends with cost-effective, user-segmented broadcasting that sends the right message to the right audience.

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Raise brand awareness by posting attention-grabbing, interactive campaigns on Facebook. Target the users who have interacted with your posts with tailored ads and convert them into buyers.

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Automatically send a DM to users who mention or tag you during your Instagram Live sessions. Start a conversation with them that becomes the entry point for immediate purchases.

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Host live chats on your website. Answer visitors’ questions and trigger purchases before they have the chance to bounce.

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Connect with your users without any fuss. Send regular updates and personalized content. Learn more about what they want through meaningful interactions.

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Engage with your users with interactive chats on KakaoTalk.

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Highlighted Features

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Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder

Build bots quickly with drag-and-drop interface. Design messages with a variety of rich formats to assist your users with decision-making.

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Interactive Marketing Kits

Use pre-built module to make chat campaigns in 10 minutes. Features include list collection, point gathering, user survey, invoice registration, daily check-in and lucky draw.

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Automated Messaging Flow

Enhance customer experience and generate more sales with chat automation. Start a conversation when a user views a product on your website. Take your omnichannel engagement to the next level.

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Advanced Customer Segmentation

Collect user data in real time and tag them with their response and behavior on chats. Offer these users personalized experiences and target at scale.

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Campaign Reports with Insights

Get insights about everything from first engagement to conversion. Optimize your growth strategy based on campaign performance.

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AI Prediction & Retargeting

Analyze and predict user interests, engagement level, and purchase intent with AI for personalized product recommendations and customer services.

How your peers use BotBonnie


The BotBonnie team routinely checks in with users during the design and campaign period, and based on user feedback, will continue to update the technology for optimal performance. We expect to keep working with them continuously.

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Chatbots seem easy, but there are many technical requirements behind them. Thank BotBonnie for surmounting all difficulties to build a convenient and excellent Chatbot for Audi!

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