Expand understanding of users’ interests with AI

Enrich data with predicted user affinity via NLP and collaborative filtering AI models. Powered by AI, automate the user tagging process and spend your efforts on customer engagement instead.

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Enrich data with AI-predicted user affinity

Extrapolate user interests and keywords based on semantic and behavioral analysis of user attributes and behavior. Strengthen your data capability using Appier's AI-enriched data with high accuracy, and stay connected with customers with AI predictions to better cultivate useful first-party data.

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Save your time and effort with AI automation

Automate the user tagging process with deep learning models such as user behavior prediction, natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition. Appier offers a range of AI-predicted attributes for data enrichment.


Target the right audience despite limited data

A common problem businesses face is that with limited transactional data, they can only find users using rule-based segmentation. Try AIXON, which automatically enriches your customer data with AI-predicted expanded interests so that you can target and engage with the audience more precisely.

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Boost conversion with AI-generated user affinity

Segment customers with user interests and keywords that are AI-generated using NLP to analyze users’ on-site behavior. Send relevant content to each of the segments. Replace non-differentiated user segmentation and engagement with precise AI-powered segmentation now. Sit back and watch your conversion rocket.

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“Working with Appier allows us to communicate with users precisely, which helps us realize digital transformation quickly!”

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