Personalize the customer experience with AI recommendations

Delight customers with the most personalized experiences. Harness the power of AI to build recommendations that actually convert on any channel.

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Perfect how products are matched with customers

Leverage a full suite of models from statistical to hybrid deep learning algorithms that considers multiple factors such as text, image, user affinity, behavior sequence, and item attributes to power the most sophisticated recommendations for any business scenario.

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Place your personalized recommendations everywhere

Be everywhere – from web to app, from home page and product page to checkout page, and from online to offline. Place your recommendations across channels and devices to build up a personalized experience throughout the customer journey.

Highlighted Features

State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Models-13

State-of-the-Art Deep Learning Models

The key driver of Appier’s powerful personalization engine is our cutting-edge technology: Natural Language Processing, Deep Content Learning, Deep Image Learning, and more.

Dynamic creatives-24

Diverse Recommendation Types

Leverage our flexible engine that understands your industry's challenges and scenarios and uses a wide range of data types for product, content, and campaign recommendations.

Personalize Every Channel-15

Personalize Every Channel

Expand your personalized content from your website to push notifications, email, messaging apps, and even in-store smart panels.

Cold-Start Friendly-16-16

Cold-Start Friendly

Promote new items that have yet gotten a lot of traction by analyzing individual user and product traits to understand whom they might serve.

Continuous Optimization-17

Continuous Optimization

Never stop improving. Appier’s hybrid deep learning models constantly adapts and optimizes the results, driving improvements manifold.

Extended CX Applications-18-18

Extended CX Applications

Personalization comes with multiple applications. Apply AI to product tagging, search discovery, and other extended customer experiences.

How others use our recommendations


“Appier’s AI technology improved the customer experience of our website and helped us to build better relationships with users. We are glad to see that these recommendations drove conversions effectively.”

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