Engage your customers at the right touchpoint

Welcome customers with a first-purchase discount, guide them to the right products, and bring off-site customers back to your site. Reach them using multiple channels holistically and automatically.

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Web Push

Unlock off-site conversions with web push notifications

  • Viewed categories / products
  • Cart abandonment
  • Special sales

Your visitors viewed a few products and pages but left without any further actions. Remind them what they are potentially interested in and bring them back to your site!


Automatically send a reminder when a user adds products to the cart but doesn't check out. Give your customers that final conversion boost!


Trigger messages based on changes of your product feed. Remind customers when prices drop or items are back in stock.

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Web Experience

Elevate web experiences with on-site campaigns

  • Free shipping threshold
  • Interactive pop-ups / surveys
  • Exit intent

Gently remind your customers that they are just a few more pennies away from the free-shipping quota.


Dynamically change campaigns and surveys based on different users' input without redirecting them to another page.


Capture your customers before they bounce! Automatically detect their intent to exit and lure them back.


App Push

Connect with users via enticing app push notifications

  • Viewed categories / products
  • Upcoming shows / events
  • Loyalty campaigns

Drive clicks and conversions with engaging app notifications like a carousel push that includes multiple products with dynamic images, titles, and descriptions.

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Send a video push that includes movie trailers or newly released articles to get users excited for what's coming next.

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Tailor a series of app campaigns to engage customers based on their life cycles. Let them know they're almost hitting the gold member threshold!

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In-App Experience

Welcome and engage your app users with timely in-app messages

  • Welcome bubble
  • Sign-up pop-ups
  • Special sales

Give your new app users a nice and warm welcome with delightful, personalized greetings.


Guide users to sign up for your upcoming events with a full screen pop-up.

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Blend your upgrade reminders seamlessly into the app experiences.


Email Campaign

Build personalized marketing emails with over 150+ templates

  • 150+ creative templates
  • Personalized emails
  • AI-recommended content

Search templates based on different goals and themes. You can also create your own and save it in the template management system for future use.


Personalize every element of your emails with dynamic creatives, from email subject to body and images, for higher open rates and click-through rates.

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Use our AI solution to automatically pick out and recommend the best products tailored for every individual email recipient based on their interests and behaviors.

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Messaging Apps

Create great mobile experiences with extended touchpoints

  • Segmented targeting
  • Cross-channel triggers
  • Personalized recommendations

Maximize your return on every message. Send tailored information to target audience segments.


Detect user behaviors on web/app, and use messaging apps to bring users back to where they left off.


Leverage our AI solution to recommend personalized products and content in messaging apps.



Reach your offline users with contextual SMS messages

  • Automated message
  • Birthday message

Notify customers automatically about personalized purchase confirmations, order delivery, and updates.


Send your customers exclusive birthday promotions to make their special day even better.

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