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Finance & Insurance

Leverage data for secure, personalized experiences

Simplify data collection and enrich data with AI to deliver personalized financial products that customers need at all stages of life for better user acquisition, engagement and retention.

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Customer’s Key Life Moments

Finance_Customer Key Life Moments
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Know your customers with a 360° view

Collect and unify user, financial, actuarial and CRM data to get a holistic understanding of user preferences, activities and personality with AI deep learning models. Leverage Appier's solutions to identify anonymous users and enrich your data with AI-predicted user affinity to expand user reach.

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Acquire new lookalike customers with ease

Use Appier’s state-of-the-art lookalike AI model to create effective audience groups directly on paid channels. Leverage the AI-enriched data to achieve better ad performance. Even with the end of 3rd party cookies, make the most of your 1st party data for precise and valuable user acquisition.

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Retarget valuable customers for more leads

Improve lead generation while reducing costs. Reach the right customers through paid channels with AI-suggested segmentation based on AI-predicted user affinity and on-site behavior. Achieve all this while securing your data and following data privacy guidelines.

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Promote new products despite limited insights products

Engage non-overlapped segments of users with personalized messages to promote new financial products via owned channels. Despite limited data, ensure you target the right audience with AI-predicted user preferences, without bombarding them with irrelevant content.

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Cross-sell and upsell the right products

Recommend the most suitable products by predicting what customers will purchase next. Account for user profiles, risk levels, life stages, and purchase behavior so that you won't miss the chance to boost sales.

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Optimize ad campaigns across platforms automatically

Reduce ad spend by scaling and optimizing ad campaigns across paid channels including Facebook and Google Ads. Use Appier's AI solutions that automatically adjust bidding and budget allocation, suggest intelligent user segmentation, and monitor ad campaigns 24/7.

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Drive conversion and loyalty on social media

Interact with users via a variety of creative marketing kits on Facebook, Instagram and LINE to achieve conversions. You can now boost a home loan/credit card application or increase app installs by building a conversational marketing platform that is aligned with each customer's journey.

How your peers work with us


Thailand's Premier Financial Institution

KCC utilized AI predictions to expand user reach and deepen engagement by delivering content that customers were most interested in at the times when they were most likely to be receptive to it. Instead of overwhelming their customers with information, they gave them exactly what was needed.

MSIG Mingtai Insurance

Longstanding Insurance Company in Taiwan

MSIG Insurance used AIXON to fine tune its marketing to target high-value customers and differentiate communications for finely delineated customer segments.

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