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Don't Have a Crystal Ball? Use AI to Automatically Predict the Best Ad Keywords and More

The start of the new year is typically when people begin looking at two types of investments: financial and real estate . These early months of 2022 is a good time for marketers in these two industries to reach out to prospective clients, offering up their company’s services for a market with a big appetite to buy. With everyone in the industry using the same keywords to target prospects via online campaigns, what is a marketer to do to stand out? More importantly, what is a marketer to do to make sure the campaign is successful from start to finish? 

Our answer is artificial intelligence (AI). Nowadays, marketers almost need to be psychic to figure out what their audiences are searching for on Google–almost. And, they definitely need to rely on coffee and energy drinks to stay awake and alert during the campaign to adjust budget and strategy. This is where Appier’s AIXON-AIXPERT bundle can become a marketer’s secret weapon, predicting well-performing keywords and automating key campaign operations. 

Automatically generate relevant keywords to target 

The tedious process of brainstorming keywords to target is one that most digital marketers are familiar with when planning a campaign. After all, there are only so many related words to banking or houses, and once the ad goes live, every keyword will cost money. The AIXON-AIXPERT bundle uses advanced AI models to accurately predict relevant keywords for each user, going beyond the keywords that first-party data can provide or that marketers can come up with on their own.  

Whenever we think about keywords, we make connections based on assumptions and stereotypes. A person starting a family may be looking for health insurance and a two-bedroom apartment. Most marketers will likely think to use keywords related to a person with such a profile. Similarly, certain professional sectors have their own jargon (i.e., “yield” and “derivative” for finance, and “mortgage” and  “escrow” for real estate) that will dominate searches and discussions, but beyond that, it is challenging to come up with ad keywords on one’s own.

However, what about keywords related to people whose activities and behaviors deviate from our expectations; how do we make sure we do not let these fall through the cracks when we market our products and services?

The keywords that our AIXON-AIXPERT solution extrapolates are what we call expanded keywords, which our AI models derive from both a user’s online behavior and AI’s wealth of knowledge and data. With this solution, marketers can say goodbye to overnight brainstorm sessions and automatically generate thousands of keywords to target with online ads, identifying many more segments of prospective clients to connect with. 

Once the campaign starts running, the Appier bundle can take actual performance and results and feed them back into the AI models for more fine-tuned prediction of keywords to target. Just as how marketers track what is working and what is not in real time during a campaign, the AIXON-AIXPERT bundle can do the same, but at a faster and more effective rate. 

Accurately identify valuable audience segments 

Once you have picked your keywords and identified a core group of prospects to target, you need to find other similarly valuable groups and connect with them. Only focusing on a core group of prospects is essentially putting all your eggs in one basket. The AIXON-AIXPERT bundle accurately and automatically identifies valuable users with AI-generated segments and can either immediately target them via an autopilot mode or suggest them to you, the campaign manager, and wait for you to act. 

The AI bundle can identify lookalike segments as well as any “hidden” or difficult to identify segments that are equally as valuable. In an actual use case, the AIXON-AIXPERT solution identified three different segments, each with a unique persona, and enabled a life insurance provider to promote a personalized package to each group.

Continuously optimize campaigns to be more cost-effective 

While running a campaign is typically time-consuming and stressful, the AIXON-AIXPERT bundle can alleviate some of the stress by automating certain campaign operations and freeing up your time. These automated operations include budget adjustment, bidding adjustment, and segment testing. The purpose of this automation is to eliminate as much as possible the time and money marketers generally spend on trial and error before finding the right strategy for a successful campaign. 

Normally, a marketer has no time for their personal life when a campaign is live. The marketer is eating, sleeping and breathing the campaign. Any slight fluctuation or change to the campaign’s performance can be extremely costly for the company, so the marketer is staring at a screen and making adjustments all day long. The problem with this scenario is that human beings need time to rest. We need to rest so that we can function better and make smart decisions. AI, on the other hand, does not. 

The AIXON-AIXPERT bundle can work around the clock to automatically adjust the budget for a particular keyword as well as the bidding strategy for said keyword to deliver the desired outcomes. With this bundle, you can get your 8 hours of sleep and enjoy time outside of work, all while our AI solution is tracking your campaign and making sure it does not veer off the intended course. 

Like human marketers, this AI assistant learns throughout the process, so that it continues to make changes that optimizes the overall campaign. Unlike human marketers, however, the AIXON-AIXPERT bundle does it faster and with more precision.   

* Are you tired of late nights racking your brain to figure out how to best run your campaign? Reach out to us now to learn more about this new Appier bundle. 

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