Brand Story

ezTravel is the largest online travel agency in Taiwan, offering various personalized individual and group travel products. ezTravel has 2.8 million members and has served over 13 million travellers since it was established in 2000. It is not only the first to provide online reservation and online payment services for travel products, but also the first travel website to offer brick-and-mortar stores, call centers  and mobile APP. It targets customers with high income, higher education and more online experience, and aims to provide customers with the fastest, the most complete and convenient travel service.


Since the website began to operate in 2000, ezTravel has been the leader of the online travel agency in Taiwan. Its revenue grows rapidly while the operating performance takes lead among the domestic travel websites. However, ezTravel is aware that in the highly competitive travel industry, it has to get a better understanding of the user profiles.

By knowing customers’ behaviour, decision-making process and changes in preferences throughout the consumer journey, ezTravel can deliver personalized product recommendations to the right people via the right channel at the right time to increase potential sales while retaining loyal customers.


ezTravel’s main challenges in digital marketing are that users’ digital footprints are spread across many devices, which makes it difficult to integrate data from its marketing channels and track quantitative performances. This led to the poor understanding of the user profiles and therefore ezTravel could only send generic messages to all users instead of targeted communication with personalized content.

Moreover, because ezTravel has many communication channels such as website, app and LINE, it would take a lot of manpower, time and cost to manage multiple platforms and develop personalized recommendations.


ezTravel leveraged AIQUA, an AI-driven customer engagement platform, to unify cross-screen data on user behavior, keywords and user devices, in order to gain a complete customer view. AIQUA then generated user profiles and compared their interests and behavior on both owned and external websites to create effective customer segments. 

With this insight, ezTravel was able to send personalized content and recommendations to specific user segments through app push notifications at different stages of their user journey. 

In addition, with the better understanding of its audiences, ezTravel was also able to maximize its existing channel LINE by sending personalized push notifications to improve its multichannel marketing.

Thanks to AIQUA’s various creative formats and its ability to operate multiple media channels, ezTravel has saved a lot of communication time, manpower and cost.


AIQUA enabled ezTravel to create specific user segments based on user behavior throughout the customer journey, including newly registered users, hesitated customers, buyers who have completed purchases, and those who left without purchase. Using this insight, ezTravel successfully delivered personalized content to individual segments, such as a coupon for new members, a reminder for cart abandoners, and relevant product recommendations for existing customers. For example:

  1. AIQUA helps ezTravel to identify new visitor and promote popular activities in order to increase their interest in browsing;
  2. If a customer is looking for hotel deals but hasn’t placed an order, AIQUA will push the hotel page to increase the chance of order;
  3. Once this customer has booked a hotel, AIQUA will recommend relevant flight deals, car rental, WIFI services, etc. to increase the share of wallet.

By using AIQUA to deliver personalized content and product recommendations through regular and triggered push notifications, ezTravel has successfully increased the click-through rate (CTR) by 4 to 6.8 times on its website, as well as iOS and Android apps.

Client Testimonials

“Choosing Appier as a data partner is like finding a martial arts master. It helps the team cope with massive and fragmentary data with ease. With the 360 travel assistant built by AIQUA, ezTravel can offer precise push notifications based on user behavior and improve overall personalized experience,” said Chen Chi-Hao, Chief Marketing Officer, ezTravel. “We strive to provide a better personalized online travel service with technology. In addition to car rental and WIFI, customers will be able to purchase travel insurance on ezTravel and enjoy an easy and convenient one-stop service.”


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