A conversational marketing solution built upon the most popular messenger platforms. Harness full potential of your followers on LINE, FB, Instagram and Google’s Business Messages, etc.

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“Chatbots seem easy, but there are many technical requirements behind them. Thank BotBonnie for surmounting all difficulties to build a convenient and excellent Chatbot for Audi!”

Audi Taiwan / Digital Retail Supervisor / Dennis

Our Values

All-in-One Social Channel Management

Still suffering from context switching when managing your multiple social channels?

BotBonnie allows you to manage all channels in a single console, including Facebook, LINE, Google’s Business Messages, Instagram, etc. We help you use the most efficient way to provide the best customer experiences.

Prebuilt Marketing Scenarios

It’s always a pain to build marketing events from scratch. We know exactly what you need!

With our gamified prebuilt marketing scenarios, you can easily create interactive campaigns like lucky draw wheel, scratch-off tickets , Member Get Member (MGM). Grow your brand and customer loyalty in a few clicks without coding!

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Builder

Create a chatbot in our visual flowchart builder with love and fun, which only takes you minutes to launch.

BotBonnie offers rich message formats, including texts, images, carousels, audio, videos and imagemap. You can easily capture user interest and behavior through the conversation flow like a micro CRM.

Omni-channel Customer Engagement

Bridge your social and web/app channels together with the synergy of BotBonnie and AIQUA.

Trigger a LINE conversation when a user has viewed a product on your website, or send the information collected from your Facebook Messenger survey back to AIQUA for omnichannel engagement across your web, app, Email, SMS, etc.

Amplify Performance with Appier CrossX Solutions

Leverage our CrossX, AI advertising solutions, to bring users into social chats for an in-depth, personalized experience.

By analyzing user behavior and tags from messaging channels, Appier AI predicts and finds new customers with high lifetime values for better advertising results.

AI-Powered Prediction and Retargeting

Through the synergy of BotBonnie and AIXON, you can merge all data sources together for advanced user analytics.

Analyze and predict user interests, engagement levels, and purchase intents with AI for personalized marketing and customer services.

Custom Enterprise Solution

Unlock unlimited creativity with our customized programming services, tailored based on your business needs on top of our standard platform offering.

Appier comprises world-class technical teams and has closely worked with enterprises around the world to achieve great results with innovative scenarios.

Why Our Customers Love Us


Jaguar used BotBonnie’s MGM kit for car owners to invite friends to test drives and earn reward points, leading to 25% new users in 60 days: 1 new user per ~3 car owners.

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Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer used BotBonnie’s receipt entry kit to integrate offline customers’ shopping information. Customers directly scanned their receipts in LINE to earn reward points, which is also directly recorded in LINE. This loyalty program brought 2,000+ new users in 1 month.

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Gogoro used an exclusive avatar to shorten the distance between users; the dynamic stickers achieved 500,000+ new-user downloads in 1 week. The segment menu mechanism provided test ride reservations after recognizing non-owner users, which 300+ new users took advantage of.

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Appier’s Unique Strengths

Rich Interactive Marketing Kits

The best platform for you to build creative marketing campaigns without coding. Build a chatbot in minutes with plentiful templates, including lucky draws, loyalty programs, conversational surveys, etc.

Powerful Engine for Social Messaging Channels

We have everything you need for your social messaging chatbot. We are the pioneers to partner with LINE, Facebook, and Google Business Message for a comprehensive solution, along with our seamless synergy with other Appier products.

Smooth Data Mapping and System Integrations

Link Facebook/LINE IDs with CRM IDs through account login methods in messaging channels to seamlessly integrate data sources and capture user information all in place.

We used BotBonnie to create various online marketing events through LINE and Facebook Messenger, reducing huge technical efforts. We were able to directly track event data and performance on the platform. BotBonnie is such a time-saving tool for marketers to build effective campaigns without having to do any coding.

Harvard Business Review / Marketing Manager
Wei-Ting Wang
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Learn more about our features and let us understand your marketing needs.

How BotBonnie Works

Build Your Chatbot with
Drag-and-Drop Builder

Start drafting a chatbot with the visual builder. Team up and add your teammates to co-edit your ideas and campaigns.

Multichannel Messaging

Create and manage all your chatbot messages across social channels. Execute marketing events and customer services on one single platform.

User Tagging and

Manage user tags to capture historical interactions and user preferences to help you understand customers.

More Success Stories
More Success Stories


WeMo Scooter held an 11-day Member-Get-Member campaign attracting 14,000+ participants and 7,000+ new users.



VoiceTube held a role play social event and acquired 7,800+ new users within 11 days.


Eslite Bookstore

Eslite Bookstore launched a lucky-draw campaign and acquired 70,000+ users in 3 weeks.

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We can demonstrate how Appier helps companies like yours grow the business along the customer journey, from acquisition, engagement to conversion, and unlock new possibilities with prediction.

BotBonnie was a smart investment for our marketing strategies.

Samsung Electronics / Marketing Supervisor
Yu-Ting Lin

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