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Building and reaching an audience on every screen
Audi’s marketing team wanted to reach affluent consumers likely to be interested in the Audi A4 Sustain, engaging them across screens to spur them to sign up for a test drive. They sought to drive as many test drive leads as possible, while optimizing the cost of each lead (CPL).
Better performance with cross screen

Cross screen CTR proved 34% higher than single screen. Higher performance among CTR of the cross screen paths demonstrated that the fact that we reached the right audience at right time for Audi.

CVR on Audi’s campaign site proved 23-48% higher among cross screen users Appier identified using CrossX AI than among single screen users identified by other means

A world leading luxury automobile manufacturer

Founded over 100 years ago, Audi is a German automobile manufacturer renowned for its luxury automobiles as well as its contributions to the fields of car manufacturing, engine production and motor racing.

Building a cost-effective cross screen audience with Appier’s CrossX Programmatic Platform

Audi worked with Appier to implement an enhanced buying feature to deliver more ad exposures and increase their reach within groups of high value users selected by CrossX AI: those over the age of 30 as well as those who had previously browsed information about luxury automobiles.

Appier applied CrossX AI to identify all devices owned by Audi’s target audience

We applied CrossX frequency capping to distribute more ad exposures to the device most likely to be used by users to sign up for a test drive.


Saturdays saw the highest number of actions taken, along with the highest CVR.

By impression, Appier helped Audi reach 22% more male users than female, and almost 1 in 2 (47.5%) users were age 25-34.

Ads on sites in the “Careers” category drove the highest CVR, followed by “Style & Fashion”. The CVR among users reached on career related websites was 1.2X higher than those reached on style & fashion websites.


Whereas most users reached browsed Audi’s website for more information via smartphone, most signed up for test drives via PC.

Among cross screen users, the number of browsing users peaked on Wednesdays, whereas the number of converting users peaked on Tuesday, driven largely by PC conversions

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Obi worked with Appier to drive greater awareness of its new smartphone, the SF1, by reaching customers across screens.

Estee Lauder’s marketing team grew leads by 167% by working with Appier to reach beauty lovers and across every screen they owned.