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Appier helped Wellcare with OMO social marketing personalization and achieved over 247% fanbase growth

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Wellcare adopted Appier’s AIQUA and BotBonnie solutions to fulfill its cross-channel marketing personalization needs. AIQUA not only enabled Wellcare to build an interactive website and boost conversion without any coding, but also helped the brand to achieve precision marketing and drive higher sales. In addition, Wellcare leveraged BotBonnie to implement personalized engagement and OMO strategies to enrich its interactions with customers.

About Wellcare

Part of the Medlight Group, Wellcare is a chain store selling healthcare supplies. Launched in 1989, it was the first store of its kind in Taiwan and has since expanded to over 200 branches across the island. In addition to professional medical equipment and wellness supplements, Wellcare also offers customers expert advice on nutrition, health care, personal care, wellness, and beauty. It can also provide immediate medical and health care consultation services based on individual needs.

Medlight Group has strived to integrate social resources to create value for clients, providing a one-stop shop for high-quality medical products as well as professional specialization and thoughtful service. The brand has now become an important player in medical logistics. With years of expertise in medical supplies and logistics management, Medlight Group has built a professional business around non-healthcare services in hospitals, comprised of 9 business divisions.

  • Industry: Health care retail industry
  • Company Size: Over 200 stores across Taiwan
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Goal: Leverage personalized membership cards and gamified interactions to quickly grow social fanbase and achieve OMO customer convergence Leverage first-party data for personalized communication to boost online CVR

Products Used:

  • AIQUA|AI Personalization Cloud

    BotBonnie|Conversational Marketing Platform

Wellcare has strived to elevate its customer experience by providing the best online and offline service. However, to keep up with post-pandemic consumer trends, Wellcare wanted to accelerate the integration of its online e-commerce platform with its offline physical stores. The brand aimed to provide a better shopping experience by optimizing its online-merge-offline (OMO) integration.

In terms of follower growth on social platforms, Wellcare noticed that messages with regular images and texts were not effective in attracting customers. Thus, the brand was unable to significantly increase its follower numbers or collect user behavior data. In addition, Wellcare’s user data was spread out across various platforms such as its online store, LINE platform, and physical membership cards. This posed a challenge for the brand’s marketing personalization strategy, as it was unable to scale the impact of its campaigns.

Angela Lai, Wellcare’s Director of Marketing, said, “Before adopting Appier’s solutions, our data collection was not very comprehensive, so we could not track users’ shopping footprints, nor did we have a wide variety of channels to enhance our marketing.”

Therefore, Wellcare sought a partner who could help it leverage first-party data for personalized communication, as well as help build a range of customized, gamified experiences to drive OMO traffic. This need for online user footprint tracking and marketing personalization was what led Wellcare to Appier.

AI optimized delivery timing and trigger behaviors, achieving 19% sales growth

After adopting the AIQUA personalization solution and leveraging its segmented communication functions, Wellcare was able to significantly boost its sales. First, to optimize the timing of campaign delivery, Wellcare used AIQUA’s “Send Time Optimization” function, which leveraged AI to calculate the best send time based on individual user behavior and engagement probability. This enabled more effective delivery of marketing messages to target customers.

With different rule settings, AIQUA’s AI model was also able to trigger personalized marketing notifications based on factors such as user behavior, date/time, and changes to products. For instance, 60 days after a customer had bought a certain product, the system would automatically remind the customer to repurchase. This personalized retargeting strategy helped boost Wellcare’s hero product sales by 19%.


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Easily create marketing interactions with no coding needed 

In addition to leveraging highly effective timing and trigger strategies, Wellcare also used AIQUA’s Creative Studio to achieve in-web engagement without needing any IT support. Creative Studio offered the brand ready-to-use templates and a wide variety of marketing kits, including survey, countdown, pop-ups, and permanent in-web recommendations. With these tools, the brand was able to build attention-grabbing in-web campaigns to drive engagement and boost conversion rates.


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Successfully drive brand growth with personalized engagement + OMO strategies 

Apart from AIQUA, Wellcare also utilized Appier’s BotBonnie conversational marketing platform for personalized communication. Using a range of customized, gamified marketing kits to engage its social community, the brand succeeded in driving two-way OMO traffic.

In the past, Wellcare could only engage its customers in limited ways and thus was unable to establish strong, interactive relationships with customers. With BotBonnie, Wellcare was able to achieve more flexible and personalized engagement by using the LINE platform and the brand’s own member data to create LINE virtual membership cards. This not only increased activity on its social marketing channels, but also provided more opportunities for engagement, such as by delivering exclusive coupons and other unique campaigns.

BotBonnie also helped Wellcare implement its OMO marketing strategies, seamlessly bridging its online and offline operations. This included displaying QR codes in physical stores, encouraging customers to scan and join the online community to receive a coupon. Conversely, the brand also delivered coupons to be used in-store via LINE, driving traffic to its physical stores. This two-way OMO strategy helped Wellcare achieve outstanding results, enabling effective engagement both online and offline. The brand not only boosted its conversion rates and sales, but also saw a whopping 247% growth in new user numbers.


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Wellcare’s Director of Marketing Angela Lai said, “We are now able to track all of our users’ online shopping behaviors and provide relevant information based on different user behaviors. We can also use tools to drive traffic between online and offline channels. Appier’s tools are easy to use and convenient for producing creatives and gamified content. They have enhanced our marketing efficiency and enabled us to reach customers in real time, send targeted messages, and optimize our use marketing of marketing resources.”

In the future, Wellcare hopes to continue partnering with Appier to build the best possible customer experience.

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