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Success Story

The Sandbox

Top virtual game finds success in new episode launch with 50% CTR increase

The Sandbox is building a decentralized and interoperable open metaverse where users can create their own digital assets and develop game experiences on our platform. We welcome the influx of new people and businesses into the metaverse. With Appier, we were able to increase brand recognition and broaden our reach by focusing on the right target audience.

Head of Growth (Hong Kong), The Sandbox

Erich Wong

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Identifying new potential users who are interested in The Sandbox

Faced with the deprecation of third-party cookies, The Sandbox, like all businesses across industries, could no longer rely on the traditional approach to track user behavior and learn about their preferences. As it wanted to target both existing audiences and new audiences for the launch of Alpha Season 3, The Sandbox needed a new method for a clear idea of what the target user looked like and what profiles to target. 

Reaching users with precision across different geographies

The Sandbox set out to gain more new users not only in Hong Kong but also in Taiwan. However, due to the limited availability of campaign data for user insights, it could only rely on broad audience targeting instead of directly and accurately targeting users with high purchasing potential, making the approach less precise and thus less effective than intended. 


Explore expanded interests to target potential users of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

The Sandbox leveraged CrossX to generate expanded interests matching user affinities. Our AI prediction model uses first-party data from the audience, such as views, clicks, and registrations, to identify and extrapolate keywords in order to uncover potential user interests and thus create more user personas. Rather than not knowing user profiles, with CrossX, The Sandbox was able to tailor new campaign messages to those potentially interested in.

Precisely achieve localized user insights in Hong Kong and Taiwan

In the past, instead of tailored messages based on local user behaviors, The Sandbox streamlined its campaigns by using one message for all regions. With Appier’s CrossX solution, The Sandbox was able to differentiate its campaign messages to Taiwan and Hong Kong users by leveraging current users’ behavior data. Moreover, CrossX pushed the advertisements on websites that are related to the users’ interests. For instance, potential Taiwanese users were undergraduates and were interested in local news stories and games. Therefore, The Sandbox campaigns were displayed on news websites and game forums. By collaborating with Appier, The Sandbox successfully increased the CTR of its HK campaign by 16% and TW campaign by 50%.

Display correlated and brand new ad creative formats to grab user’s attention

In the fiercely competitive advertising inventory landscape for gaming brands, The Sandbox stood out by leveraging Appier's innovative ad materials. At a time when the modern individual’s attention span is shrinking, The Sandbox leveraged CrossX’s 3D cube creative format to provide a refreshing ad experience. Apart from delivering ads that align with users' interests on suitable ad placements, CrossX combined attention-grabbing formats with compelling ad content to prolong user engagement. With Appier’s help, The Sandbox successfully targeted and engaged with the right users.

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