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Success Story

Perfect Corp.

AIXPERT’s actionable insights contributed to a reduction in CPI by 32%

"AIXPERT’s AI automation on budget allocation and bid adjustment helped us drop most of the manual work and acquire users efficiently on Apple Search Ads. Besides, AIXPERT’s product and CSM team truly listens to our feedback to improve the products. We are happy to receive marketing insights from the team and grow with Appier. We will look forward to collaborating with AIXPERT on TikTok in the future."

Monetization Team, Perfect Corp.

Brooke Hsu

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Limited capacity to oversee the performance of thousands of keywords and make adjustments accordingly

The client had to invest a lot of time and effort to manually check the performance of thousands of keywords. Once checked, its team would have to spend several hours a day to adjust the budget and bids on these keywords. The entire process was not an efficient use of time or resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

Insufficient insights on keywords in each market to inform appropriate marketing strategy

As it expanded to different countries, the client found that the available information about each keyword of the Apple Search Ads dashboard was insufficient for planning purposes. The client wanted to know more about which keywords performed well with which types of users in each country in order to adjust its budget allocation and bidding strategy.


AI automation for budget allocation and bidding

The client integrated Appier’s AIXPERT solution into its campaigns to automatically analyze keyword performance and adjust budget and bidding accordingly. AIXPERT, the 24/7 campaign automation cloud, not only automatically optimized budget and bid allocation for each keyword, but it also automatically turned off underperforming keywords in real time and had an hourly checking mechanism to prevent overspending. In total, the client was able to reduce operating time on keyword-related tasks by 66%.

AI-generated actionable insights and suggestions

The client utilized the many insights provided on AIXPERT’s dashboard to align the marketing strategy for each country with what was trending with local app users. Appier’s solution identified good-performing keywords that it recommended the client to add to its marketing efforts and suggested how aggressively to bid to achieve desired campaign outcomes. With AIXPERT, the client lowered its CPI by 32%.

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