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Success Story

K&K Fashion

K&K Fashion partnered with Appier to leverage AI for next-level marketing automation and personalized recommendations


K&K Fashion onboarded Appier’s AI personalization cloud AIQUA for better marketing automation and personalized customer engagement. With the AI solution, the Vietnamese fashion brand shortened the time it took to analyze data and segment audiences. More importantly, it leveraged AI technology to deliver the most fitting recommendations to each shopper. In doing so, it increased the click-through rates of its content and the conversion rates of its channels and marketing collateral. 

About K&K Fashion

Established in 2010, K&K Fashion is a women’s fashion brand that specializes in office wear. The Vietnamese brand has become a favorite among its customers because of its unique approach to professional attire with inclusive designs, high-quality materials, and sophisticated techniques. It currently has 13 showrooms across Vietnam as well as a comprehensive e-commerce platform where customers can browse and shop the latest looks.

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Company Size:
    13 showrooms in Vietnam; 100 employees
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Goal:
    (1) Manage and automate cross-channel marketing strategies through an all-in-one platform
    (2) Leverage first-party data to create segments and deliver personalized marketing messages

Products Used:

  • AIQUAAI Personalization Cloud

In 2020, K&K Fashion and Appier began working together to transform the fashion brand’s approach to customer engagement. When it launched more than a decade ago, the Vietnamese company, like most companies at the time, relied heavily on the manual efforts of its staff to figure out what products customers would like and reach out to them with these recommendations. Since it partnered with Appier 3 years ago, K&K Fashion has leveraged AI-powered segmentation and automation to engage with customers more effectively. 

Appier recently sat down with K&K Fashion’s CEO Thanh Le Viet to discuss his experience with our company and our AI-powered solution, AIQUA. According to Thanh, he was in the market for a marketing automation partner to achieve two main goals: 

  • Faster segmentation of audiences and delivery of messages 
  • Better engagement of customers with different content on different channels

In short, K&K Fashion wanted to leverage AI to shorten the time it took to analyze data, segment audiences, and deliver the right messages. Furthermore, the brand wanted to personalize the content they were delivering to their customers while optimizing the choice of time and channel of delivery.

How did K&K Fashion learn about Appier?

“I was familiar with their ads solution,” Thanh said. “I knew from that that they possessed the expertise in data analysis and enrichment, so I researched their marketing automation solutions.”

What caught his attention was AIQUA and its ability to leverage first-party data to deliver cross-channel personalized engagement. As Appier’s AI personalization cloud, AIQUA allows marketers to utilize machine learning to ascertain what individual customers want and need and send them content across different channels that is related to these interests and needs — all from one platform.


KK_How did K&K Fashion learn about Appier?

How has AIQUA boosted K&K Fashion’s business?

For a clothing brand like K&K Fashion, AIQUA showcases the items shoppers are most likely to purchase so they don’t have to go through the entire website to find what they like. 

Based on what K&K Fashion’s visitors viewed, clicked on or purchased, AIQUA placed product recommendations throughout different pages of the brand’s e-commerce site. Not only were these recommendations personalized, but the type of recommendations shown (e.g., popular products, people who viewed this also viewed, etc.) differed based on where the visitor is on their journey. New items or the most popular items may be on the homepage, while accessories that go well with an item in the cart may be on the checkout page.


KK_How has AIQUA boosted K&K Fashion’s business? 1


One key AIQUA feature K&K Fashion greatly utilized was “Autopilot.” The best recommendation engines have multiple recommendation models — such as the types we mentioned above. It can be difficult for marketers to choose which one to use; with AIQUA’s Autopilot feature, K&K Fashion’s marketers did not have to choose. 

Instead, by turning on Autopilot, the feature checked which model could drive the highest click-through rates and conversion rates for each placement and made its selection accordingly. The result was session duration that was 236% higher than the average of all channels and conversion rate that was 150% higher.


KK_How has AIQUA boosted K&K Fashion’s business? 2

Beyond the website, AIQUA has helped K&K Fashion reach out to its subscribers with better results. Compared to the market benchmarks of 15.68% for open rate and 2.0% for click rate, AIQUA’s regular EDM campaigns, with AI-powered, data-driven segmentation, achieved an open rate of 35.61% and click rate of 12.31%. Meanwhile, the conversion rate was nearly 4X that of the market average. These achievements can largely be attributed to the relevant product recommendation and sales information that AIQUA delivered to the audience who were interested. 

On an even more impressive note, AIQUA’s trigger EDM campaigns, which involved emails sent out after a user has taken a specific action, saw an open rate of 59.18% and a click rate of 18.89%.This resulted in an email conversion rate that was more than 10x higher than the market’s average conversion rate.

What is next for K&K Fashion and Appier?

In the 3 years that our two companies have worked together, K&K Fashion has witnessed and adopted many of AIQUA’s new features and functions. Thanh and his company have also given Appier a lot of feedback from the client perspective, which has allowed us to improve how our solution works for customers. 

The results above are representative of the success we have achieved in the past three years, and Appier looks forward to supporting K&K Fashion with more real-time, personalized marketing. 

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