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Success Story

Formosa Optical

Formosa Optical partners with Appier to build OMO to optimize customer satisfaction and unblock retail opportunity

“We hope to grow and improve with our partner. We chose Appier to optimize member and user engagement by integrating online and offline data for us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of customer preferences and automate the optimization of a smooth customer journey. By predicting the eyewear and contact lens purchase cycles of different customers, we can recommend personalized products to suitable users through diverse channels and enhance our data capability!” - Formosa Optical

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The client wanted to integrate offline and online data, and was seeking for an effective approach to analyze and segment customers such as high-value customers or inactive customers

The client had traditionally relied on offline data to understand its customers and inform its marketing strategy, which consisted of offline, EDM and SMS channels only. This approach was leaving out a lot of online data that could provide insights to what customers like or how they behave. For instance, client hoped to leverage an AI data science platform to gauge the unique interests and preferences of high-value customers or the potential reasons why inactive customers were unresponsive.

More importantly, the client was proactively seeking for an AI tool to efficiently and effectively analyze their data and generate labels for customers that could precisely segment them based on preferences and needs.

Client expected an AI platform to manage customer relations across channels and implement an online-to-offline marketing strategy to personalize customer service

The client was seeking for an AI marketing platform to moved customers from its online to offline channels. This creates the demand of understanding customers and targeting them with personalized messages across channels.

In other words, Formosa Optical hoped to track offline and offline marketing performance more efficiently and drive more conversions faster by engaging in precision marketing and optimizating customer experience. 


An AI platform to integrate online and offline data, conduct RFM analysis and generate customized labels

Appier’s customer data science platform AIXON provided the client a way to integrate all of its online and offline data. From there, the AI solution conducted RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analyses to provide insights to identify high-value customers and inactive customers. Based on all the data the client had on its customers, AIXON was able to generate 800+ custom labels, including key brands and products of interests, to tag customers with and better target each segment with relevant content and promotions. EDM open rate increased and click-through rate increased as well after adopting this approach to segmentation.

An AI approach to O2O, personalized messages and automated multichannel marketing

Once the client had integrated online and offline data and used the insights derived to segment their audiences with the help of AIXON, Appier’s AI personalization platform AIQUA was able to send the most relevant messages to each individual across multiple marketing channels, including the website, app, email, SMS, etc. With multiple personalized aspects, AIQUA sent out messages to their segmented customers with the most relevant content and promotions that would catch their eye through the right channel and at the right time. Using AI algorithms to automatically generate recommendations based on what content and products each customer had engaged with and had previously bought, AIQUA would serve up personalized product recommendations and coupons drive conversions. After sending out promotional messages, Appier generated a list of customers who did not purchase for store staff to contact and invite to their physical locations to try on products. The combination of O2O tracking and personalized messages increased membership conversion significantly. These personalized alerts and recommendations effectively increased the CTR of trigger app push notifications and of AI-generated recommendations.

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