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How Appier empowers F・O・International to unify first-party customer data and realize personalized marketing

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Discover how F・O・International, the distinguished Japanese children's clothing company, partnered with Appier to revolutionize its marketing strategies and customer engagement. This collaboration achieved the unification of customer data and harnessed AI technology to deliver personalized marketing experiences, fostering deeper customer connections.

About F・O・International

Founded in 1998, F・O・International stands as a top player in the children's fashion industry, known for delivering high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing for kids. F・O・International aspires to be the preferred brand for parents, consistently providing top-notch fashion choices for children both domestically and internationally.

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Company Size: 500~1000 employees
  • Location: Japan
  • Goal: Explore how F・O・International partnered with Appier to revolutionize their marketing strategy, unify customer data, and usher in a new era of personalized customer engagement.

Products Used:

  • AIRIS|AI Customer Data Platform

    AIQUA|AI Personalization Cloud

F・O・International embarked on its journey with Appier, grappling with the critical challenge of consolidating fragmented customer data scattered across various online and offline sources. Additionally, they faced the imperative to execute personalized marketing campaigns using multiple channels. The Japanese clothing company sought a collaboration with Appier to harness AI-powered martech solutions, enhancing their ability to comprehend and engage with their guests effectively.

First-party data unification and visualization uncover insights with AIRIS

F・O・International faced the challenge of fragmented customer data scattered across various online and offline sources, hindering their ability to gain a comprehensive view of their customer base. To address this issue, F・O・International used AIRIS, an AI-powered customer data platform. AIRIS swiftly unified first-party customer data from F・O・International's website, bridging the gaps in their scattered data sources. With AIRIS, real-time analysis of customer behavior became effortless, featuring intuitive visualizations such as Attribution Reports and Customer Journey Analysis.

By implementing AIRIS, F・O・International not only solved their data fragmentation challenge but also gained the capability to unify and enrich user profiles. This unified platform enabled them to explore potential business opportunities with a more profound understanding of their customers. AIRIS emerged as the solution that consolidated their customer data, as well as empowered F・O・International to make data-driven decisions, marking a pivotal step in their marketing journey.


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Realization of Personalization and Conversion Maximization with AIQUA

F・O・International grappled with the challenge of delivering a personalized customer experience using various communication channels while simultaneously increasing conversion rates. To address these challenges, F・O・International embraced Appier's AIQUA, an AI personalization cloud designed for personalized marketing and cross-channel engagement. With AIQUA, F・O・International could provide an individualized customer experience across multiple communication platforms, including email, push notifications, SMS, LINE, and in-web pop-ups.


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One of AIQUA's standout features is its advanced recommendation models, which proved to be a game-changer and revolutionary. Leveraging AI recommendation models, F・O・International was able to provide an end-to-end personalized experience for their customers. The  recommendation of AIQUA overwhelms traditional recommendation models, employing various product recommendation models that intelligently analyze different user behaviors. For instance, when customers visited the home page of the website, AIQUA seamlessly implemented the 'Popular Product Model,' showcasing the most sought-after products based on a carefully selected event, such as 'product_purchased.' Similarly, when customers explored the product page, AIQUA expertly employed the 'Recommended for You' model, highlighting products frequently viewed by individuals with similar behavioral patterns.

Additionally, with AIQUA in action, F・O・International introduced personalized push notifications based on customer actions, delivering remarkable results – a 90% open rate and an impressive 2.5X increase in CTR.  Through these AI-driven recommendations and approaches for engagement, F・O・International not only enhanced user experience but also significantly improved engagement and, most importantly, drove conversions effectively.

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