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Success Story

CommonWealth Magazine

CommonWealth uses AI to boost subscription rate

“The media of the CommonWealth Group have constantly been balancing between presenting ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ news. Part of our expectations is to produce articles that fulfill the taste of the public; meanwhile, we also hope to stay close to links with enterprises. Both of these expectations rely heavily on real-time data. The collaboration with Appier has significantly simplified our data engineering tasks. The data science platform, AIXON, is like the dashboard on an airplane, integrating the data for the team to access quickly, discover issues, take actions, and step toward the next goal. With the robust support from Appier, the CommonWealth Group will achieve the digital transformation target rapidly, which allows us to face the unknown.”

President of the CommonWealth Group

Yin-Chuen Wu

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Content Delivery

To boost the platform’s traffic growth, the marketing team used keywords, social media channels, and their official website to intensify the content delivery; however, keywords selected by merely considering past experience or based on intuition or past experience rarely resulted in any breakthroughs, and often lead to a traffic bottleneck.

Advertisement Promotion

The marketing team only had basic registration data for audience segmentation and could not accurately identify subgroups like the white-collar segment. As a result, every visitor saw the same advertisement when landing on the website, failing to achieve differential communication. This presented a challenge on many fronts such as executing precision marketing and the platform’s value, demonstrate CommonWealth Group’s influence on multiple sectors and stimulating traffic conversion while expanding the advertising budget.


For Content Delivery

New Reader Acquisition: AIXON can integrate data from various sources to derive a more comprehensive reader profile, selecting the keywords with better placement performance based on reader interests and their online behaviors to enhance CTR. Data-driven Right Decisions: AIXON is capable of delivering in-depth market insights from massive data, supporting editors/the marketing team to make decisions confidently based on real-time data instead of past experience or intuition. Appropriate Content Derived from Insights: Utilizing AIXON’s forward-looking insights, editors/the marketing team can find topical issues, forecast popular trends, and make the content fulfill readers’ expectations or attract their attention.

For Advertisement Promotion

Accurate Reader Profile Depiction: AIXON can integrate data from diverse resources to enrich user profiles, including encrypted member information from the CRM system and website and application data, identifying reader profiles precisely. Optimized Advertisement Placement Performance: AIXON labels visitors based on their browsing behaviors, enabling advertisers to obtain higher-quality advertisement placement for precise marketing and optimizing overall advertising performance. Matching Readers’ Hidden Needs: In the past, every reader saw the same advertisements when landing on the page. After understanding in-depth reader profiles, the CommonWealth Group can develop personalized communication based on readers’ preferences, recommending those advertisements that fit their interests.

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