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Success Story

Burger King

Burger King adopted Appier solutions to build personalized interactive marketing campaigns and boost website conversions

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Burger King adopted Appier’s AIQUA AI personalization cloud to analyze and utilize customer behavior data. The brand was able to manage cross-channel campaigns on a single platform and implement its marketing personalization strategy. Based on customers’ online behavior, Burger King delivered a diverse range of interactive marketing communications in real time, successfully lifting its website conversion rate and strengthening customer loyalty.

About Burger King

Burger King is the world’s second-largest fast-food chain, with over 17,000 branches across the globe. As a leading fast-food brand, Burger King has maintained its competitiveness by providing customers with a great experience. The brand offers customers reasonable prices, high-quality products, fast service, clean restaurant environments.

With its success in brick-and-mortar stores, Burger King wanted to improve its online marketing performance. The brand wished to leverage more precise and fun marketing approaches to boost its onsite conversion rate and increase order value. To this end, Burger King adopted Appier’s AIQUA personalization cloud, which allowed the brand to offer personalized messages and promotions based on customers’ behavior and preferences.

  • Industry: Fast food chain
  • Company Size: Over 17,000 stores worldwide
  • Location: Taiwan (Headquarters: USA)
  • Goal:
    (1) Use data analysis and segmented communication to precisely deliver personalized messages, lifting conversion rate and conversion value
    (2) Create multiple website marketing campaigns and seasonal interactive events to reflect Burger King’s fun brand image

Products Used:

  • AIQUAAI Personalization Cloud

AI analyzed customer behavior data for personalized interactive marketing to drive conversions

With its success in brick-and-mortar stores, Burger King wanted to improve its online sales and strengthen customer loyalty. Therefore, Burger King adopted Appier’s enterprise solutions, which allowed the brand to leverage precise, personalized interactive marketing strategies to communicate with customers in a more relevant way.

Using the AIQUA AI personalization cloud, Burger King was able to collect, track, and analyze data on customers’ online behavior, such as page views and adding to cart. This enabled the brand to gain a more thorough understanding of customers’ behavior and preferences. In addition, AIQUA applied the data analysis results for personalized segmentation marketing. The system was able to automatically deliver personalized messages in real time based on customer behavior, ensuring that no engagement opportunity was missed.

For example, when AIQUA’s analysis of onsite customer behavior detected intent to leave, the system would automatically trigger a pop-up containing a discount offer. This not only prevented customers from leaving, but also converted them into buying customers and achieved a conversion rate of 31%. Burger King also used AIQUA to increase its average order value. The brand set different reward thresholds based on current cart value to encourage customers to buy more.


Burger King_AI analyzed customer behavior data for personalized interactive marketing to drive conversions

Creating engaging interactive events to reinforce customer loyalty

In a world where people receive hundreds or even thousands of marketing messages each day, only highly interactive marketing creative that is relevant to customers can attract substantial attention. Therefore, Burger King was eager to create a diverse range of marketing campaigns that reflected its fun brand image and resonated with customers. Using AIQUA’s Creative Studio, Burger King’s marketing team was able to create multiple interactive campaigns without any coding expertise.

For example, for its Double 12 time-limited event, Burger King used an in-web countdown clock to create urgency and succeeded in lifting its conversion rate by 6 percentage points. In addition, to promote the opening of a new store, Burger King used the lucky draw game in AIQUA Creative Studio to deliver coupons in a fun and interactive way. This achieved a discount code use rate of 50%.

Apart from using fun and interactive marketing kits, delivering messages relevant to customer needs is also an effective way to attract purchases. Using AIQUA with OpenWeather API, Burger King was able to obtain weather predictions for customers’ locations and deliver tailored product recommendations or offers. For instance, if a customer is experiencing hot weather, the system recommends a discount for cold drinks. If it looks like rain, the system sends an offer for delivery orders. By considering customers’ needs and offering the most relevant products or discounts, the brand was able to reinforce the loyalty of its customers.


Burger King_Multi-wave holiday marketing engagement with automated communications via single platform

Multi-wave holiday marketing engagement with automated communications via single platform

It takes a lot of time and resources to manage multiple waves of marketing communications. AIQUA offered a single, integrated platform that enabled Burger King’s marketing team to manage and track multi-wave campaigns in one place. For their Double 11 campaign, Burger King planned multiple waves of broadcast and triggered messages for different phases of the campaign, including event warm-up, lucky draw, double points, and time-limited offer.


Burger King_Creating engaging interactive events to reinforce customer loyalty


Karin Jiang, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King Taiwan, said, “With AIQUA’s AI data analysis and segmentation functions, we were able to construct personalized marketing strategies based on customer insights and precisely target individual customers with messages and promotions. Appier’s solutions are easy to use, and its team is proactive in providing useful ideas to help us optimize our marketing strategy. We look forward to collaborating further with Appier for many more marketing applications.”

In the future, Burger King will continue to work with Appier to create more eye-catching and relevant campaigns, with the aim of boosting online engagement and conversions while strengthening customer loyalty.

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