Nurture customer relationships with LINE

One-to-one social engagement and messages at scale. Collect comprehensive data from direct messages to deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

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Grow your fanbase exponentially with easy integration

Official account binding with one click of the button - no coding needed. Keep engaging with prospects on their favorite channel and nurture them to drive the most lifetime value.


Personalized customer experience with rich menus

Implement different menus for different user segment. Customers will have personalized menu items that automatically change based on their user profile. Attract customers to click on the menu and increase conversion.

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Gamified interactive kits to wow your customer

Engage users with pre-built interactive games including lucky draw, MGM, invoice collection, scratch-off, and daily check-in.

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Automated user tagging for future engagement by segments

Tag users with chat keywords, clicks, and on-site behavior for tailored message broadcast to target groups. Priortize the most recent tags to better understand user preferences in real time. Save operaton cost on segment broadcasting.

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Data integration for more insights to deliver superior customer service

Map LINE IDs with CRM IDs first. Use Appier solution to unify data across webs, apps, and LINE chats, and enhance understanding of customers and segmentation. Provide end-to-end personalized marketing and customer support.

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AI-powered personalized content

Enable brands to push tailored, relevant message and product recommendation based on user interests and behavior. Take advantage of BotBonnie's synergy with AIQUA, Appier’s AI personalization cloud.

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