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Run your ads on autopilot 24/7

Your AI assistant that makes smart campaign decisions for you around the clock. Leverage AI to optimize campaign operation and acquire valuable users automatically across channels.

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Automate campaigns nonstop

Focus on top priorities and leave other tasks to AI. Fully automate budget allocation and bidding strategies with AI autopilot. Closely monitor campaigns 24/7 with AI safeguards to prevent overspending. Dynamically update budgets and bids to outperform KPI targets.

Auto-discover the right target audience

Effortlessly set the right target parameters such as interests and keywords that characterize your target audience and loyal customers. You can choose between the autopilot and self-serve mode to reach out to these users with ads that are right for them.

  • Apple Search Ads
  • Facebook
  • Google

AIXPERT automatically generates thousands of keywords that will drive the most installs on Apple Search Ads. Know what keywords your users searched to find your app and bid for related words and phrases to acquire more users.

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Identify interests that will generate the best conversions via AIXPERT’s Neural Network Model. AIXPERT finds new audience segments and creates ad sets to target each group effectively.


Automatically implement the best-performing creatives on Google based on past performance and industry data. Replace underperforming creatives with data-driven, result-oriented upgrades.

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Scale across platforms

Seamlessly scale ad campaigns across multiple platforms including Apple Search Ads, TikTok, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Manage, analyze and amplify your campaigns all in one place. Unify cross-platform operation, get shared insights, and act on opportunities directly via AIXPERT’s interface.

Highlighted Features

Your all-in-one campaign automation cloud to reach your goals faster with less work

  • Automated AI Suggestions
  • Keywords & Creatives Insights
  • Cross-Platform Optimization

Get actionable AI suggestions that can be applied on your campaigns immediately. No more trial and error. AI identifies valuable users and automates campaign operation to minimize time and effort.

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Utilize visualized reports to understand which creatives work best for which audience segment. Leverage practical filters to identify keyword drivers to help better decision-making.

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Automatically come up with the most effective budget allocation across channels and dynamically update bidding strategies with real-time predictions to optimize performance.

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Power Content Strategy with Generative and Decision Making AI

Bolster your campaign's impact with AI that refines content for real-time relevance. Keep your audience engaged with dynamic ad adjustments tuned to performance analytics.

How your peers use AIXPERT

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"AIXPERT’s AI automation on budget allocation and bid adjustment helped us drop most of the manual work and acquire users efficiently on Apple Search Ads."

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