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Leading Intelligent Customer Data Platform, Powered by AI

Unlock the full potential of your data with AIRIS, where clean, real-time customer insights empower digital marketers to engage with precision through the most effective channels.

AIRIS_2024_Enable any customer data in your database to be activated in real time

Activate any customer data in your database in real time

Data Loader seamlessly integrates AIRIS's real-time intelligent customer data platform with your CRM, database, and warehouses. It allows data teams to create a detailed mapping table and synchronize data, offering a holistic view of each customer, their buying groups, and interactions with your business for deeper insights and smarter actions.

AIRIS_2024_Track every interaction and unify data in real time

Track every interaction and unify data in real time

Unlock a deep understanding of your customers as they evolve in real time across web, mobile, cloud server, and third-party touchpoints. AIRIS goes beyond mere data tracking; it unifies data instantly, enabling valuable marketing functions such as real-time remarketing, ad spend optimization and more.

AIRIS_2024_Get a holistic view of each customer with real-time identity resolution

Get a holistic view of each customer with real-time identity resolution

Unify all your data across different channels seamlessly into one single platform to gain a 360° view of each customer with our built-in data connectors. Follow your customers’ footprint from macro to micro levels to understand their behavior and respective drivers.

AIRIS_2024_rAccelerating customer profile enrichment from months to minutes

Shorten customer profile enrichment from months to minutes

One common challenge marketers face in distilling insights from customer data is the lengthy process of internal communication, often taking weeks or months. AIRIS empowers marketers to directly interact with your customer data, allowing the creation of custom attributes that describe each customer based on your unique business logic — all in just a few minutes.

AIRIS_2024_Activate customer data for campaigns via seamless integration with personalization cloud

Activate customer data for campaigns via seamless integration with personalization cloud

Connect the dots of customer data like never before. Our integrated platform marries AIQUA’s personalization platform with BotBonnie’s conversational savvy, transforming vast data points into actionable strategies with just a few clicks. It’s not just data collection; it’s smart data activation for impactful ROI.

AIRIS_2024_Visualize insights and measure the impact at every touchpoint

Visualize insights and measure impact at every touchpoint

With AIRIS's advanced user-centric and flexible analytics interface, generating real-time insights is not only lightning fast but also effortless. Data is transformed into compelling visual narratives that captures the omnichannel customer journey, track marketing performance, and guide optimal strategies and actions. Segmentation is easily created and adjusted on the fly, enabling in-depth analysis and automation at scale.

AIRIS_2024_Predict the return before your investments

Predict the return before your investments

Unlock the full potential of your data with AIRIS’s industry-leading AI predictions, no coding required. Drive impactful actions and personalize customer interactions with automated machine learning prediction models. Anticipate outcomes before investing and enable marketers to optimize returns based on end-user behavior.

Experience Appier's superior technology

  • Unify your data seamlessly with Customer 360°
  • Fast Data-to-Visualization
  • Fast Data-to-Prediction

Seamlessly integrate your customer data from more than 113 platforms, bridging all gaps among data from web/app, cloud databases, offline channels, and other 3rd party platforms. AIRIS becomes the brain across the marketing ecosystem.


Supercharge your analytics capabilities with dozens of templates built for and proven by marketers. Tired of bar graphs and flowcharts? AIRIS offers the most eye-catching, insightful and flexible reporting graphics. Marketers are now equipped with a much higher level of autonomy and flexibility in taking necessary actions in real time based on insights discovered with the intuitive and visualized interface.


Unleash the power of data science with AutoML predictive models that are proven to take your marketing ROI to the next level. Tag your customers with predictive user attributes in real time. AIRIS has built the marketing AI for you so you don’t have to build it yourself.


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