Real-time Marketing Analytics Platform

Fastest time to insight with excellent user centricity, analyze and segment your customers to engage effectively


Build robust 360° view of customers quickly with 1st party data and actions

Unify all your data across different channels seamlessly into one single platform to gain a 360° view of each user with our built-in data connectors. Follow your customers’ footprint from macro to micro levels to understand their behavior and the respective drivers.


Visualize insights and measure the impact at every touchpoint

Generating real-time insights becomes lightning fast and painless thanks to superior user-centric and flexible analytics tools. Data is visualized to tell vivid stories along the user journey, track marketing performance and inform best strategies and actions. Segmentation can be easily developed and modified on the fly to enable deep analysis as well as automation at scale.


Predict the return before your investments

Maximize the power of your data with industry-leading AI predictions, no coding needed. Take actions that matter and tailor customer engagements through automated Machine Learning prediction models. Predict the outcome before the investment and empower marketers to maximize the return based on end-user behavior.

Experience Appier's superior technology

  • Unify your data seamlessly with Customer 360°
  • Fast Data-to-Visualization
  • Fast Data-to-Prediction

Seamlessly integrate your customer data from more than 113 platforms, bridging all gaps among data from web/app, cloud databases, offline channels, and other 3rd party platforms. AIRIS becomes the brain across the marketing ecosystem.


Supercharge your analytics capabilities with dozens of templates built for and proven by marketers. Tired of bar graphs and flowcharts? AIRIS offers the most eye-catching, insightful and flexible reporting graphics. Marketers are now equipped with a much higher level of autonomy and flexibility in taking necessary actions in real time based on insights discovered with the intuitive and visualized interface.


Unleash the power of data science with AutoML predictive models that are proven to take your marketing ROI to the next level. Tag your customers with predictive user attributes in real time. AIRIS has built the marketing AI for you so you don’t have to build it yourself.


Why customers trust us


Top player in the children's fashion industry

Explore how F・O・International partnered with Appier to revolutionize their marketing strategy, unify customer data, and usher in a new era of personalized customer engagement.

Hotel Monterey

Reputable Japanese hotel group

Hotel Monterey has partnered with Appier to leverage its suite of martech solutions for the most advanced marketing and engagement in the hospitality industry.

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