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Build engaging on-site experiences without any coding

Design on-site content blocks or overlays with pre-built templates from AIQUA's Creative Studio. Create unique and interactive pop-up campaigns or insert a new native section directly on your website.

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Design on-site experiences in minutes

Build content blocks or overlays on your website without a single line of code. You no longer need to outsource to developers. Creative Studio provides a drag-and-drop interface for you to create everything on your own. All your designs and edits will show up on your site when you publish.


Execute your ideas with our interactive templates

Elevate your on-site customer engagement with interactive experiences. On top of classic static templates, you can build campaign collateral in all shapes and sizes with numerous fun functions. Unleash your creativity with personalized banners, interactive surveys, recommendation sections and more!


Analyze user interactions with hotspot analytics

Get a visual map of how your users are navigating your website. Measure the performance of each block and campaign. Leverage our built-in A/B and multivariate testing functions to find out the successful factors and constantly optimize your experiences.


Manage creatives in your template library

Manage all your creatives in your own template library. You can always edit, duplicate, and reuse them in different campaigns and placements across your website.

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