The #1 machine learning marketing cloud for personalized customer experiences

The personalization platform that leverages AI to create 1:1 customer engagement strategies across all marketing channels.

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Personalization is the new standard

Go beyond automation. Dazzle customers with the most personalized experiences. Appier’s AI analyzes not only user actions but also images and content to predict the most relevant products for every individual. Build effective recommendations that actually convert on any channel.

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Engage with your customers at the right touchpoints

Greet customers with a personalized welcome message, guide them to the right products, and bring off-site customers back to the site through customized messages. Connect with them on their favorite channels, whether that is web, app, push notification, email, SMS, or social messaging channels.

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Build on-site content blocks without any coding

Design an engaging web experience with pre-built templates from AIQUA's Creative Studio. Create unique and interactive pop-up campaigns or insert a new native section directly on your website. Unleash your creativity with a drag-and-drop interface for marketers.

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Start winning with data-driven experiments

Discover the winning marketing strategy with automated A/B and multivariate testing. Measure performance uplifts and ROI by flexibly experimenting with multiple variants to identify the key success factors.

Highlighted Features

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Cutting-Edge AI Recommendations

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Automated Campaigns

Dynamic Creatives

Dynamic Creatives

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Interactive Creative Studio

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Instant Messaging

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Real-Time Segmentation

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Experiment & Optimization

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How your peers use AIQUA

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"With Appier’s solutions, we are now able to track all of our users’ online shopping behaviors and provide relevant information based on different user behaviors. We can also use tools to drive traffic between online and offline channels. Appier’s tools are easy to use and convenient for producing creatives and gamified content. They have enhanced our marketing efficiency and enabled us to reach customers in real time, send targeted messages, and optimize our use marketing of marketing resources."


“Appier has been a great collaborative partner in our digital transformation strategy to enrich Malaysian lives. With AIQUA, we were able to seamlessly integrate both of our offline and online data to gain a comprehensive view of our customers and deliver rich, personalized experiences on our platform to enhance our overall brand loyalty.”


"Thanks to Appier's solution, we have experienced significant cost savings while achieving real-time client reach and precise delivery of targeted messages. Our marketing resources have been effectively optimized, resulting in sustainable growth. By leveraging Appier's solution, we have successfully transformed our first-party data into actionable marketing practices, allowing us to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market landscape. We are excited about continuing our collaboration with Appier's team to develop a comprehensive full-funnel strategy using their AI Martech solution."

Why customers trust us


Japanese Internet Giant

GMO Point Town leveraged AIQUA AI Recommendations to provide personalized content and significantly shortened the product discovery process for customers.


Popular Taiwanese Coffee Chain

cama café leveraged AI's ability to integrate customer data and analyze for automated precision marketing. With AIXON, the coffee chain reached new customers and increased user engagement and loyalty.


Leading EC Platform in Malaysia

Hawooo significantly enhanced customer experience and drove revenue growth with AIQUA's multichannel campaign features. By leveraging the AI capabilities, it personalized recommendations for its users.

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