Convert visitors into immediate shoppers

The smart conversion optimizer that predicts consumer psychology to identify hesitant shoppers and drive immediate purchases.


Predict consumer psychology

When shopping online, 3 out of 4 shoppers abandon their carts. AiDeal predicts who are the window shoppers and hesitant buyers. Furthermore, AiDeal models each user’s hesitancy level and purchase intents via 400+ data attributes, including timeline, products viewed, mouse movement and more.

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Trigger immediate purchases

Target only hesitant shoppers who need the extra push to purchase. Save coupon cost on shoppers who are determined to buy or determined not to buy. Use a time-limited special incentive to give them the nudge they need at the right moment to check out.

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Same budget, more conversions

Convert more users with the same budget. Ensure every penny you spend contributes directly to a performance lift via AiDeal's performance reward billing model. No huge financial commitment upfront. Ramp up revenue in the most cost-effective way.

Highlighted Features


Predict Consumer Psychology

Leverage thousands of onsite/in-app signals to identify hesitant users. No rule-based settings needed.


A/B Testing

Conduct A/B testing among hesitant users to optimize campaign and guarantee CVR uplift.


Insights on Hesitant Users

Obtain insights about hesitant users and measure campaign effectiveness with our dashboard, which includes metrics like CVR, revenue growth, and time to purchase.


Easy Integration & Maintenance

Install simple tags via GTM and launch campaigns within a week. Partner with Appier’s campaign consultant for optimization.


Personalized Timing

Predict and deliver a coupon pop-up at the best time to each hesitant shopper to trigger purchases.


Deploy to Channels

Expand to different channels, such as chat, SMS, email, by unifying data, and increase conversions and LTV.

Tailored for different use cases and scenarios

  • For e-Commerce
  • For Brands
  • For Lead Generation

Convert hesitant shoppers to immediate buyers to prevent cart abandonment and increase revenue. Guide your shoppers down the funnel offering tailored incentives for shoppers at different stages.

AIDEAL_For ecommerce

Increase brand loyalty and give shoppers a reason to buy directly on your website. Create the best customer experience online the way you would offline by analyzing customer behavior and predicting consumer psychology.

AIDEAL_For Brands

Turn undecided visitors into quality leads by detecting the moment they are most likely to leave their information. Boost online applications and form submissions for those in the education, finance & insurance, and automobile industries.

AIDEAL_For Lead Gen

Why customers trust us


“Appier’s AiDeal solution has stimulated faster purchases from hesitant buyers on the beauty website... allowing new and current members to have better online shopping experiences.”


"Appier is a leading artificial intelligence solution provider with abundant expertise and experience in helping enterprises tackle diverse business challenges.”


“AiDeal’s highly flexible hesitant buyer solution perfectly tackled retailers’ pain points in operation and avoided spamming all users with coupons that were only relevant to some."

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