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Transform retail with unified data and seamless experiences

Streamline the retail experience for your customers. Connect data across online and offline channels to power a personalized and engaging customer journey.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Retail-Digital Transformation Strategy

Unify online and offline data for a 360° user view

Address the challenge posed by separated channel and scattered data. Use Appier's Customer Data Science Platform to integrate web/app user behavioral data with offline transactional data, and generate a holistic 360º view of your audience base.


Enrich user affinities with predictive attributes

Prepare for the cookiesless future and unlock the full potential of your first party data. Supplement historical and behavioral data with auto-tagging and predictions about user interests. Use these insights to pinpoint customer intentions regardless of whether they are logged in or not.


Convert traffic to online and offline sales

Leverage AI to predict high lifetime value users at scale. Run effective ads by targeting users that are more likely to convert online or run location-based ads by engaging users that are near your brick-and-mortar stores.


Personalize customer experiences across every channel

Design personalized content that contribute to conversions for your business. Appier's hybrid deep learning engine not only learns online behavior but also considers offline data sets to form powerful recommendations throughout websites, apps, messages, and even smart TVs in physical stores.


Nudge hesitant buyers to make purchases

Proactively engage with customers who may need more encouragement. Accelerate the conversion of hesitant buyers with personalized incentives. Avoid delivering coupons to window shoppers or buyers who will buy regardless.


Digitize offline data via interactive programs

Track in-store purchases and centralize all the transaction data online. Incentivize customers to save their receipts digitally with a point reward system. This customer loyalty program prompts customers to volunteer their data and win points that can go towards future purchases in return.

How your peers work with us


French Multinational Retail Group

Carrefour used Appier's solutions to identify high-value customers and hesitant buyers through user behavior and purchase intent analysis—crafting tailored campaigns to target each group accordingly.


One of the World’s Largest Pizza Chains

Pizza Hut used AIDEAL to detect real-time intent and send coupons to hesitant customers. Those who received a coupon completed their orders faster, resulting in a 20% growth in order placement.


World's Renowned Beer Brand

Heineken used BotBonnie to collect customers' offline shopping information via interactive conversational marketing programs. The offline data provided valuable insights for targeting online.

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